Off to the deep - Loic Leferme

Don't talk to Loic Leferme before his dive. He sits on the boat, eyes shut deep in concentration. Then he's ready to go down. The deeper the 34 year old dives, the darker it gets around him. This happy go lucky long blond haired chap is a specialist diver. He dives without any form of technical help.

Special guest at boot
On the 30th of October last year this Frenchman bettered his own world record by a further nine meters - to 171 meters. The venue was the Alpef-Maritimes in France. This Thursday he was a special guest at the boot show, signing autographs, answering questions and showing the film of his record dive in Hall 3.

Underwater for 3,5 minutes
For the record dive he had to remain underwater for 3 and a half minutes. His body had to survive a variance in temperature from 21 degrees at the surface to 13 degrees underwater. "My body has to be well trained, " explains Leferme. "I do stretching, yoga and head off into the mountains to keep myself in shape.” The equipment is key in this type of extreme sport. This has been put together and optimised with experts from the company "Tribord” (Hall 3, H 73). Leferme's sights are firmly set on regaining his world record - not only to better the new 172 meter record, but to really surpass it.