Surfer of the Year 2005

Christian Freimueller

The surfer of the year for 2005 has been nominated. Christian Freimueller was chosen by the members of the German Windsurfing Association. For the first time the association called on its members to vote via the internet. News of this was passed around among the surfing community. The 16-year-old secondary school student from Boeblingen received his award at boot Düsseldorf.

Bernd Flessner second
The 10-time German windsurfing champion Bernd Flessner was second. The most successful female windsurfer Moana Delle was third. Christian said: "This prize means a lot to me - especially when you take into consideration what the others have already achieved.” Christian was five years old when he first went windsurfing and four years later he was in his first race and won second place in that. He has raced in 100 regattas since then.

Little time left
There's not much time for both school and training but Christian wants to do his A levels and go to university. He doesn't know what he wants to study but he does know one thing for sure, that he wants to study in Kiel because that's where the national training facilities are. There is still a bit of time left over for his girlfriend. "It's difficult when one is on tour,” the 16-year-old admits. In four days he's on the road again for training, for the Cadiz race at the end of February. We wish him all the best.