The Aqua Queen of 2006 is a water baby

Three weeks in west Australia this summer - that's the prize for this year's 23 year old winner from Bamberg in Germany of the Aqua Queen competition at the boot 2006 event. Andrea, who describes herself as a water baby, managed to win out over the 5 competitors to claim her prize. She was awarded her prize from the companies K5 Australien Reisen and Ningaloo Charters. The brunette said that she had not expected to win, holding out little chance before the final jury decision.

Exciting time as Aqua Queen
The jury comprised Inga, who won the competition last year at the show. She explained that the time as Aqua Queen was, "very exciting and beautiful.” I took part in many different shoots and managed to get my PADI as well as being on the road for much of the time. The 6 young candidates modelled first in the short yellow and black diving apparel before the bikini round. No simple decision this for the jury - second placed Nadine from Frankfurt, who had only recently discovered her love of snorkelling on holiday in the Dominican Republic was proof of the hard decisions the judges faced. She won a week in a Philippine luxury resort, sponsored by Orca Reisen and The Ananyana. Third place was secured by 22 year old Stephanie from Essen. She is already looking forward to the sailings tours in the Tuscan archipeligo that this place was awarded.

Applause greets the Aqua Queen
Voting took place on the internet. Earlier in the week the Hall 3 rang out with the applause to greet the new Aqua Queen. Andrea is the ideal Aqua Queen - up to the age of 15 she was a high achieving junior swimmer. She still does aqua jogging as well as in-line skating - a true sporty Aqua Queen.

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