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Motorboats and Yachts at boot / Picture: © MD, ctillmann

Motorboating at boot 2020

boot Düsseldorf offers virtually everything from the motorboat and motor yacht market. The Motorboat Centre and the Refit Centre provide information for beginners and aficionados alike.
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TOW-Boats Halle 4 Foto: © TCCC

Sport & Tow Boats in Halls 3 & 4


Halls 3 & 4 at boot Düsseldorf are all about the fun and action of motorboating: open sport boats, day cruisers and tow boats are a growing sector in motorboating.
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Powerboat World at boot Düsseldorf


If you are interested in racing on the water and the fastest motor boats, you will love the Powerboat World in Hall 4 of boot Düsseldorf...
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Refit Center

What can you do yourself, and when is it more appropriate or even necessary to contact an expert? This one of the questions discussed at Refit Center of the boot in Hall 11.
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Superyachts at the boot / Foto: © Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Super Yachts

Hall 6 of the boot Dusseldorf is home port to the large and luxurious yachts of the high-end range. Additionally, the blue motion Lounge offers an exclusive shopping experience.
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Motoryacht trends 2020 - stylish, comfortable & quiet


Lever down and full speed ahead? Today motorboats are more stylish, comfortable and quiet.
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Motorboat premieres at boot 2020

Again, boot Düsseldorf will be the world's leadin showcase of new motorboats and yachts for the coming season.
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© Torqeedo / pixabay

E-Mobility - Next Generation Technology


Electric boat engines, alternative drives for yachts and solar power currently gain importance in boating.
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Yacht charter trends at boot Düsseldorf 2019


Yachtcharter is booming, in germany as well as internationally. Options for maritime holiday makers are getting wider and more flexible. Find out about current trend in yacht charter at boot Düsseldorf.
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