Overview: boot 2020 Sailing Center - Topics

Sailing Center at boot Düsseldorf

Experience sailing at boot Düsseldorf! Catch up on the latest developments in sailing and take part in all sorts of activities in the Sailing Centre at the boot Düsseldorf.
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boot Sailing School

Get a breath of fresh air and discover how sailing feels. This extraordinary moment when you are the captain of your boat on the water will inspire numerous visitors at this year's boot Düsseldorf...
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Current trends in sailing yacht design 2020


boot Düsseldorf provides a comprehensive overview of the market for current sailing yachts and an overview of what can be expected in 2020.
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New Sailing Yachts


Find out more about new sailing boats and yachts showcased at boot Düsseldorf!
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boot Cruise Coaching

When chartering, water sports enthusiasts are often travelling to new, unknown destinations. That's why every successful holiday includes some preparations. Help is available at boot Düsseldorf!
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Refit Center

What can you do yourself, and when is it more appropriate or even necessary to contact an expert? This one of the questions discussed at Refit Center of the boot in Hall 11.
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Current trends in sailing yacht design 2019


The standards modern sailing yachts have to meet are high and designs have to cater for a great variety of needs.
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Multihull-Trends 2019 - Sailing in the third dimension


Find out about the developments in the design of multihull boats and yachts in 2019.
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