Sailing Center 2019

Expeditions, Commitment and Extremes

Presentation of challenging and ambitious sailing projects at boot 2019

Burghard Pieske

Sailing on the Ana-Varu - Foto: ©
Burghard Pieske reports on his adventures at boot Düsseldorf - Foto: ©
Pieske on his self-made catamaran - Foto: ©

Social commitment

Wolfgang Clemens

Expeditions & Extremes

Gangerl / Foto: © UWolfgang Clemens
Wolfgang Clemens / Foto: © W. Clemens
Couple Wilts / Foto: ©
Freydis - Greenland/ Foto: ©
Freydis in heavy sea / Foto: ©

Heide and Erich Wilts

Transatlantic into the sun

 Foto: © N. Sedlacek
 Foto: © N. Sedlacek
 Foto: © Christophe Favreau

Norbert Sedlacek

Sustainability in yacht construction

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