Charter Flottillas

More sailing fun in a group

Flotillen Charter - Foto: © Sunsail

Ideal for boating newcomers

Northern Sporades are a perfect destination

Beautiful bays to lay at anchor

Individual cabin charter is available

Flotilla sailing is increasingly popular - Foto: sunsail

"Sailing Groups" - together on your own

Competitive Fun Regattas

Many different ways to charter a yacht

Are you really that keen to be the skipper on your charter cruise? If not, you do not have to do without a charter holiday - just choose a different way to charter a yacht!
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Individual booking is available

Flotille im Päckchen - Foto: © Sunsail

Pure sailing romantics

Clear trend towards flotilla sailing

Join the!

Enjoy the many exclusive benefits of our members' club!
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boot Visitor Service

All you need to know for your visit to boot Düsseldorf.
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Discover Marine Tourism

Discover all about maritime holidays full of watersports.
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