5 tips for safety on board

Children on board

Grafik: © boot.de / Life jackets on deck are indispensable. A fully automatic life jacket with integrated life belt offers a lot of safety. Get spare cartridges for automatic lifejackets in advance.
Foto: © Secumar
Grafik: © boot.de /  Attached to the railing, the net prevents persons or objects from going overboard. The availability on charter yachts should be checked and ordered in advance.
Foto: © Sonnenschutz / Pixabay
Grafik: © boot.de / With the pediatrician, parents can create an on-board pharmacy tailored to the child. Medication against childhood diseases must be taken along.
Foto: © Fotolia / Tropical Studio
Grafik: © boot.de / For children, waterproof sunscreens with an extremely high factor and sun blockers are mandatory on board. Against too much sun at sea, light cotton suits and sun hats also help.
Foto: © Fotolia / Olga Pink
Grafik: © boot.de / A bicycle seat with a safety belt is a safe seat for the little ones and is usually easy to attach to the railing.
Foto: © Fotolia / Tropical Studio