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Overview: Diving Sites

Eco-diving: Off into the green wave!


Magnificent corals, colourful fish – the ecosystem we dive in is beautiful, but unfortunately also very sensitive. Especially careless divers and dive boats can damage the corals and destroy the habitat of these animals.
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Diving in Europe

Diving in Europe – Time to dive into your holiday


Here we go again! Since mid-June the worldwide travel ban for tourists has been lifted again – at least partially. So the holiday season can begin, even if the destinations have shifted a bit.
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Great Diving Destinations in Spring

Looking forward to the start of the new diving season? boot diving blogger Bettina Winert has some suggestions for your first diving trip of the year!
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Diving destinations for beginners in Germany & Austria

Discover a selection of great dive sites for beginners in Germany and Austria: There is a lot to explore in reefs, sunken industrial plants, open-pit mines or wrecks.
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Diving destinations for beginners abroad

Hot water, sun and exotic fish: here are some suggestions for great diving excursions into warmer climate regions for your holidays, which are suitable for beginners. Just go for it!
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Five Hot Spots for Divers from April to August

Spring has arrived, the equipment been taken from the storage and checked for the next dive. What you need now are five top diving destinations for the first half of the new season...
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The Hot Spots for Divers from September to January


While it starts to get colder in Europe, the diving season has not to come to an end yet. There are still many places around the globe that offer spectacular dives at this time of the year...
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Faszinating Upper Austria - Diving in the Lakes of Salzkammergut

The lakes of the Salzkammergut region in Upper Austria have an almost magic attraction on watersports fans. This magic continues for divers below their surface...
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Bohol - unspoiled flora & fauna on the Philippines

Bohol has no pronounced rainy season and is more of a dry tropical island with little rain and a very pleasant climate. Temperatures vary only a few degrees throughout the year.
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