Overview: Practical Motorboating

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Motoryacht trends 2020 - stylish, comfortable & quiet


Lever down and full speed ahead? Today motorboats are more stylish, comfortable and quiet.
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Safety in boating and watersports


The fun and recreational value is a natural ingredient of the element water, but dealing with this element always involves respect for the power that lies dormant in it! How to stay safe on the water...
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Refit - turning old into (almost) new

Many a boat is waiting for a new owner with zest - but careful planning is the nuts-and-bolts in yacht refit.
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How to anchor correctly - Anchoring made easy

Das Liegen im Freien ist zwar weniger geschützt als innerhalb der Hafenmauern, aber dafür meist umso idyllischer.
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Climate change on board - Compact systems even for retrofitting

How heaters and air conditioners are also suitable for retrofitting on board is highlighted in the sailor newspaper (5/2012) - For a good atmosphere below deck...
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Do not let seasickness become an issue

The motion sickness "kinetosis" is an issue on many yachts and can spoil a cruise or - if the going gets tough - the whole vacation for those affected.
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Securing outboard engines - theft made difficult

Every year, more than 1000 outboard motors are reported stolen in Germany. This is shown by statistics from the Competence Center "Boat Crime" of the Constance Water Police.
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Motoryacht design trends - on show at boot 2017


To an increasing extent, we experience mobility in surroundings that are customised to satisfy our personal requirements. This is exactly the direction in which motor boat design needs to develop as well!
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