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Yacht Maintenance & Repair - Part 1: Underwater Hull

Getting your boat shipshape for the new boating season

Achieving great results step by step

Foto: Abgeschliffenes Unterwasserschiff

Underwater hull after sanding

Foto: Osmoseblasen?

Blistering can be a sign of osmosis?

Foto: Kielbolzen neu

Keel bolts in good order

Foto: Rost am Kiel

Not a good sign: rust and cracks

Foto: barnacles and fouling on a bow thruster

Barnacles on a bowthruster

Foto: rudder & propeller

Rudder and propeller with sacrificial anode

Foto: Degraded sacrificial anode

Degraded sacrificial anode

Antifouling paint or foil

Ausrüstung - Foto: © Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann