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Yacht Maintenance & Repair - Part 4: Woodwork

Getting your boat shipshape for the new boating season

All shiny and new

Foto: Holz an Deck

Teak and Mahogany in good condition

Foto: Alles im Lack

Well preserved mahogany hull

Maintaining teak decks

Foto: Pinsel

Your most important tool: a premium brush

Foto: Schleifmaschine

A bare neccessity: sanding

Foto: Lackieren

Applying the varnisch requires care

Foto: Abziehen

Step one: skinning the wood of old varnish

Foto: Gereiftes Teakdeck

Weathered lends character to your boat

Foto: Moos

Salt water will not be enough in this case

Foto: verschutztes Deck

A case for scrubber and teak cleaner

Foto: Scrubber and teak cleaner in action

Teak cleaner: before and after

Scrubbing the boat deck - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem

A cheap alternative to cleaning products...

Scrubbing the deck - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem the regular application of a scrubber and salt water

Care of the yacht's interior

Foto: Schlecht gelüftet

To brush up worn interior...

Foto: Politur hilft

...often simple furniture polish is enough.

Ausrüstung - Foto: © Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann