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Yacht Maintenance - Part 6: On-Board Electronics

Getting your boat shipshape for the new boating season

Foto: walkable solar panel on deck

Solar panels on deck and...

Foto: Schleppgenerator

...submersible hydrogenerators produce energy on board.

Battery Maintenance

Foto: Batteries in good order

Batteries apparently in good order

Foto: Accumulation at the poles

Accumulation at the poles - high time for new batteries

Foto: Batterie Ausbau

Removing the defective battery...

Foto: charging cable

...possibly install new charging cables...

Foto: light installations on deck

...and there will be light!

Checking the On-Board System

Foto: navigation lights

Constant exposure to salt water...

Naviagtion lights - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem

...are a challenge for navigation lights,...

Foto: navigation lights

...often leading to a need for renewal!

Foto: corroded connections

Corroded connections require regular cleaning

Foto: Multimeter

A multimeter helps detecting troublespots.

engine compartment - Foto: © Hallberg Rassy

Engine compartment on a Hallberg-Rassy.

electric outboard engine starter - Foto: © TCCC / A. Wasem

The electric starter of an outboard engine.

Foto: magnetic switch

Corroded earth strap on a magnetic switch.

Foto: © Fjord

Navigation instruments on a motorboat...

Foto: Navigation instruments

...and at the helm station of a sailing yacht.

Navigation Systems

Ausrüstung - Foto: © Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann