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Overview: Inland waterways & lakes

Lake Unterbach

Watersports in Düsseldorf are only to be found at boot? Wrong! Just outside of the county capital, a water sports gem is waiting to be explored by boat or board.
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Eastern Germany: Discover the county of Brandenburg by boat

Whether by motorboat, houseboat or sailing boat - a boating holiday in the county of Brandenburg in eastern Germany promises fascinating discoveries and impressions.
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The Lake Schwerin

With around 63 km² Lake Schwerin is the second largest lake in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern after the Müritz. Discover its special charm...
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The Scharmützelsee - Discover the "Sea of March Brandburg"

German writer Theodor Fontane christened it "The Sea of March Brandenburg". With about 1500 ha surface area it is the biggest lake in County Brandenburg.
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Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Lake Constance

A prime holiday destinations, there is also lively sailing regatta scene on Lake Constance with big numbers such as in the famous Round the Lake regatta.
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Austria: The Traunsee

A lake with crystal clear water, good wind conditions and a finely tuned service chain from hotel to restauranta and watersports vendors.
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Poland for pioneers - follow the E 70 to the Vistula Lagoon

Many boaters look surprised when you propose Poland as varied destination for boating holidays. But Poland really is a secret spot.
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Netherlands: Boating adventures in Flevoland

Surrounded by various, shelterd inland waterways, the Dutch region of Flevoland can be circumnavigated by boaters via the marginal seas along the Dutch coast.
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