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Return / Cancellation Policy:

Stock Orders:

Stock boot orders may be subject to a 10% restocking or cancellation charge. Please review your order confirmation to be sure you have ordered the correct size and configuration. It is very important that you follow our instructions to get an accurate measurement of your feet and calf.

If you are a "difficult fit" and have always had a hard time getting footwear which fits correctly, then you probably shouldn't order stock boots without trying them on.

Custom Made Orders

Custom boots will be custom made to your size and specifications. Please be sure that these boots will fit you correctly. We provide detailed information on our web site on measuring your feet and we explain how each type of boot fits relative to your US men's size. We normally do not take custom boots back in return if they don't fit. Of course, we stand by the boot warranty and will replace or repair any boots with manufacturing defects.

If you have feet which are difficult to fit or if you are not confident about the sizing process we can put you in touch with Wesco. Wesco can send you a measuring kit. Once you take detailed measurements and foot tracings Wesco will make your boots to measure for the normal retail price plus $60. Once you've had a pair of boots custom made to measure by Wesco you can order subsequent custom pairs from us at our lower prices.

This is because Wesco keeps your measurements on file along with their notes so they are always ready to make follow on pairs when their dealers send in an order.

We charge nothing extra for subsequent boot orders made to your measurements once they're on file. Follow-on pairs are priced the same as the custom boots shown on our web site.

Wesco may charge $30 to make changes to custom made orders after the first week or two of the building process. So please review this order confirmation to be sure everything is correct. Once an order is started, changes are not always possible. During the later part of the boot building process changes are not usually possible.

Wesco charges a $30 fee if orders are cancelled once the leather has been cut.

Please review your order confirmation to be sure all details are correct. It is important that you follow our instructions to get an accurate measurement of your feet and calf.

Payment Policy:

We expect payment for custom made boots when the bootmaker starts the boots. So we'll run the credit card charge at that time or expect PayPal payment before the bootmaker starts a custom pair.

For stock boots we run the charge when the boots are shipped. If we don't have your boots in our stock and need to have them shipped directly from Wesco or Dehner, we run the charge when we place your order with the factory.

If you elect to use PayPal, we will send you a PayPal invoice once we have reviewed your order and have sent you a confirmation. BIG BLACK BOOTS is a Verified PayPal merchant and we take international payments.

The PayPal invoice we send you fills out all the order information on our secure PayPal payment page once you log in to PayPal. To verify that you're on our page you'll see our ugly brown logo banner at the top of the page (gotta change that color) and your browser will indicate that you are on a secure page.

BIG BLACK BOOTS is a PayPal merchant
If you elect to pay using a Visa or MasterCard, your credit card will be charged the full amount when your order is submitted to the factory. You can provide credit card information on the secure order form or you can use any of the methods below to get that information to us.

You can send credit card information on our secure order forms or, if you need to update or change that information, we have a secure form to send updated credit card information. This is the most secure method... we recommend it.

You can also send credit card information to us by email to:

or to our voice mail at +1 (858) 450-1129

or you can mail the information or a check to us at:

7122 Cather Court
San Diego, CA 92122

We accept US Dollar money orders or cashier's checks. We will accept personal checks, but will wait until your check has cleared before doing anything.

Privacy & Security Policy:

BIG BLACK BOOTS respects your privacy and confidentiality.

We do not sell or give our customer lists to anyone. We use your information only
for purposes of filling your order.

Unlike many "dot-com" sites we deal in boots and leather, not in confidential personal information.

In fact, we have yet to send any mass mailings or mass emails to our customers... and probably won't.

Our web site uses secure order forms encrypted to the highest level of security available for web transactions (128 bit). Our SSL public key certificate (security key) is provided by Thwate.

Sensitive information stored on our computer systems is stored in encrypted form.

When discarded, paper documents which may have information about our customers are shredded.

When we replace computer hard drives which may contain information about our customers, we destroy the old hard drives to ensure that information does not fall into the wrong hands. We do this even when the hard disks are inoperative.

Old backup tapes are destroyed when they reach the end of their working life.

Thank you for your trust.

In business since 1985 and on the internet right from the start! --- BIG BLACK BOOTS.


You can use this PGP public encryption key to encrypt correspondence which is sent to BIG BLACK BOOTS via email. All of our orders are handled using secure web order pages which are encrypted using SSL, so this method of correspondence should not be needed. We generated this key in August of 2006 to use email address

Our previous key has been superceded by this new one.

Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.5.2


We have been making and selling custom boots since 1985. Our on-line store was the first internet boot store. Your satisfaction with a great pair of boots is our goal. Orders are processed manually by boot experts not automated systems. Please contact us if you have any questions about the boots:


Email questions or comments to

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