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  • Top exhibitor
      Hall 5 / E20

    De Antonio Yachts S.L.

    San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Spain
    From Barcelona to the world  Founded in 2012, the headquarters are located in the center of Barcelona. The strategic location maximizes the chances of a seaside, cosmopolitan and
    De Antonio Yachts S.L.
  • Top exhibitor
      Hall 5 / A43

    Floating Homes GmbH

    Verden, Germany
    Floating Homes designs, develops and builds floating homes for a wide range of private and commercial purposes Since 2006, Floating Homes has built numerous floating homes in Hamburg and the Baltic
    Floating Homes GmbH
  •   Hall 3 / B72

    A.W. Niemeyer GmbH

    Hamburg, Germany
    A.W. Niemeyer – maritime Kompetenz für ganz Europa Die Hamburger A.W. Niemeyer GmbH (awn) ist eine deutsche Wassersportinstitution und hat sich über Generationen zu einem der größten Yacht- und
    A.W. Niemeyer GmbH
  •   Hall 9 / B59


    Alfonsine (RA), Italy
  •   Hall 9 / C55

    Agilis Jettenders GmbH

    Jülich, Germany
    I had a passion for boats since my childhood. I liked the power, ease and grace of their ploughing waves or still waters. Maybe that’s why I got a job in a boat manufacturing company right
  •   Hall 9 / C41

    Alltechnik Handelsges. m.b.H Allroundmarin

    Biedermannsdorf bei Wien, Austria
    It started with the sale of ropes, sheets and lines for sailboats, but over the decades the product range, as you find it now here on the Internet, expanded. The target group for the sale of our
  •   Hall 9 / E59

    Alunaut OÜ

    Saaremaa, Estonia
  •   Hall 3 / A26


    Montfavet, France
  •   Hall 15 / G38

    Aquacrafts B.V. Michiel Troelstra

    Lemmer, Netherlands
    Company portrait Aquacrafts BV, the creator of DinghyGo, the 3-in-1 inflatable sailboat. DinghyGo was introduced to the world during the Amsterdam Boatshow HISWA 2013 and was received extremely well
    Aquacrafts B.V. Michiel Troelstra
  •   Hall 9 / C59

    Aquaspirit LLC

    Kyiv, Ukraine
  •   Unsettled / NN

    Archipelago Expedition Yachts

    Grayshott, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  •   Hall 7a / B07

    Arksen Ltd

    London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Arksen is a marine adventure company designing capable marine exploration vessels. We aim to create the world’s largest privately owned research-capable fleet and to inspire a new generation of
    Arksen Ltd
  •   Hall 9 / E71

    AST - Advanced Sailing Technologies GmbH

    Potsdam, Germany
    AST – Yachts & Composites was founded in summer 2017. The summer when the fleet of the racing A-Class catamarans started to foil. Among them CEO and owner Thilo Keller, who invented the ACC
  •   Hall 7a / C11
  •   Hall 3 / A30
  •   Hall 9 / B56

    Banana-Boot SieBroTec GmbH

    Ellerbek / Hamburg, Germany
  •   Hall 1 / B37

    Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH

    Giebelstadt, Germany
  •   Hall 16 / B40

    Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH

    Giebelstadt, Germany
  •   Hall 10 / H41.7
  •   Hall 7a / D04

    Bering Yachts LLC

    Raleigh, NC, USA
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