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  •   Hall 11 / A70
  •   Hall 11 / D22

    Albatross Sportswear UG

    Grasberg, Germany
    For us these numbers are not only the coordinates of our home Smögen. Much more, these numbers are the origin of Albatross Sportswear. Where others go on holiday is home for us. Here we are inspired
  •   Hall 11 / D49

    Angora-Moden GmbH

    Deizisau, Germany
    Alfred Bauer (1902-1984) founded an Angora rabbit breeding farm in the 1920s. Even at that time it was known that the Angora hair had great health and functional value. In the years 1936-1945 the
  •   Hall 11 / A02
  •   Hall 11 / B57


    Bassano Del Grappa, Italy
  •   Hall 11 / D12

    Barnell vof

    Heeg, Netherlands
    As a trading-business Hey Bisco originated in the early 90’s and coming from a Dutch emigrated family, the Heij descendants. Travelling up and down to Tasmania, the first Aussie products
  •   Hall 11 / B53

    Barone Srl

    Calenzano, Italy
  •   Hall 11 / D54

    Dalessandro Francesco

    Cerignola (FG), Italy
  •   Hall 11 / B65

    De.Ma Comfort di Mainiero Giovanni

    Castelfranco in Miscano, Italy
    Since 1980 we guarantee quality The passion, the details and the choice of materials give rise to products of high quality craftsmanship.
  •   Hall 11 / C54


    La Turballe, France
  •   Hall 11 / E49

    G26GALLERY di Anna Basilico

    Portogruaro, Venezia, Italy
  •   Hall 11 / E24
  •   Hall 11 / C32


    Pistoia (PT), Italy
  •   Hall 11 / A54

    Jacek Kuciel

    Gdansk, Poland
  •   Hall 11 / D38
  •   Hall 11 / B02
  •   Hall 11 / C38

    Kent Bakir Marina AB

    Malmö, Sweden
    Kent Bakir's textile tradition has been strong since childhood. As the mother of a dressmaker and seamstress, the interest was born naturally at home in Norrköping. Kent Bakir has lived and worked in
  •   Hall 11 / D14

    La Marine Hier A.E.

    Beauvoir Sur Mer, France
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      Hall 11 / A22

    LENZ Rega-Port Boots- & Yachtausrüster GmbH & Co. KG

    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Welcome to LENZ Rega-Port Water sports and sailing at sea have been our inspiration for many years. Since childhood we have lived and loved water sports. From regattas to cruising, paddling, rowing
  •   Hall 11 / B01

    LeStoff GmbH

    Wien, Austria
    LeStoff - that's Julia and Ata Ataberk and the common idea to make the traditional Ottoman hamam towel known as a lifestyle towel outside of Turkey. Because LeStoff is much more than a pestemal and
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