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Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories

Not only boats and yachts can be admired at boot Düsseldorf – about 300 exhibitors also have a wide range of yacht equipment and boating accessories up their sleeves, including:

·         Electronic/Electric Systems
·         Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
·         Fresh Water Supply/Sewage/Waste Disposal Systems
·         Heating/Air Conditioning
·         Boat Building Materials/Maintenance
·         Furnishings
·         Galley Equipment
·         Tables/Chairs/Covers
·         Safety Equipment
·         Deck Equipment/Rig
·         Anchoring/Mooring/Shore Leave
·         Boat Transport
·         Decoration/Accessories
·         Marine Clothing/Accessories

Every need is satisfied, leaving nothing to be desired by the crews on board. From absolute boat and yacht must-have equipment, such as sewage and disposal systems, navigation and communication electronics and safety equipment, to optional boat accessories such as decorative articles, additional gear and magnificent interior design, it can all be found at boot Düsseldorf.

Current topics in the field of yacht and boat equipment

Comfortable, bright, changeable and, above all, with a high degree of individualization – these are all relevant decision criteria for or against a boat. And when it comes to customizing, a wide range of boat and yacht equipment comes into play.

Nearly any combination desired is made possible by modern boat building materials and sophisticated hull and interior designs. New space-saving hull shapes, for example, offer more design scope for the free realisation of wishes and the fulfilment of individual needs.

The scene meets up at boot Düsseldorf – here visitors will find everything they need for their own personal boating needs.

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