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Revving up the turbine and skimming over the water on a jetski is for many an adrenaline rush combined with a feeling of pure freedom. But to optimize your action on the water, the right equipment and a wet suit are absolutely essential. At boot Düsseldorf, visitors not only meet exhibitors who have the right equipment for everyone up their sleeves, but also schools that help make jetskiing an unforgettable experience.

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Current developments in jetskiing

The topic of sustainability has long since become an issue in the personal watercraft sector as well. Meanwhile there is an increasing demand for environmentally-friendly alternatives, some of which are already being introduced, for example the electric-powered jetski. Switching to e-jetskis is intended not only to protect the environment – but can also significantly reduce the high operating costs of this personal watercraft. And the performance of electric-powered models is identical to those with combustion engines.

As always, boot Düsseldorf has its finger on the pulse of the industry – here visitors can look forward to new launches and innovations as well as comprehensive information about up-to-the-minute and environmentally-friendly options.

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