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Nature Conservation/Ocean Protection

Nature and marine conservation should be a point of honour for all watersports enthusiasts. For this reason, the topic is also a major focus at boot Düsseldorf.

Around 25 representatives will be on the spot to draw attention to ocean protection and nature conservation. boot Düsseldorf acts as a platform for all those who want to protect the oceans, get involved or provide information. Environmental, nature and ocean conservation organizations provide information and show how everyone can pitch in. Because only together can we protect our oceans.

Current issues in ocean and nature conservation

The Earth’s surface is covered largely by water – over two-thirds is ocean. This makes it all the more important for animals, people and the planet as a whole to protect our oceans and use them sustainably. Action must be taken for the waters to recover from past and present pollution, and this can only be achieved if everyone works together – across national borders. New measures to protect the oceans against littering, overfishing and warming must constantly be taken, and ongoing agreements must be revised.

At boot Düsseldorf, visitors can not only find out about current topics relating to ocean conservation and nature protection – they can also find out how they can take action themselves.

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