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Diving Suits / Jackets

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Diving Accessories

Our products

Product category: Regulator / Compressors

The INSPIRATION Closed Circuit Rebreather

When AP Diving built the world’s first production closed circuit rebreather in 1997, Diver Magazine called it…

"The most significant development in diving since Cousteau invented the aqualung..."

The Inspiration pushed the limits of our capabilities and opened up new underwater worlds… It allowed us to dive deeper for longer and to experience the ‘Silent World’ for the first time as it really should be seen… in silence.

Imagine diving so quietly, you’re a part of the seascape, not an intruder.

If you’re new to rebreather diving, who better to sort out your kit than the people who started it all?

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Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets


The most famous jacket ever made. Dive it to find out why.
Originally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers, the AP Commando (formerly BUDDY) went on to take the UK and northern European sport and technical diving market by storm, out-selling it's rivals for over 30 years and still going strong.

The current series AP Commando retains the essential qualities and features on which its original success was based - such as superior build quality, lift and surface support characteristics - and adds the advantages offered by reflex technology.

The unique AP reflex comfort-fit system allows you to adjust the jacket fit and customise it specifically to your individual shape - with a one-time simple set-up adjustment in the height position of the waistband, shoulder buckles and the backplate length.

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About us

Company details

For 50 years, AP has led the way in diving – innovating, designing and manufacturing equipment of the highest quality. Since its foundation in 1969, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate, from a small family-business to an internationally respected dive manufacturer with a global network of great dive instructors, distributors and support centres. Our customers range from individual sport and professional divers, to search & rescue services, the military, police, fire service, bomb disposal, ship’s divers and coastguards through to the commercial giants of the salvage, shipping and oil industries – in over 50 countries worldwide.

How have we achieved this? By focusing on 3 things: quality, trust and service. We innovate and manufacture superior quality products, fairly priced, that cater for the extremes of what is an exciting but ultimately, dangerous sport; we always try to offer straightforward, honest advice to divers; and we always go the extra mile – taking a genuine pride in our products & services.

We build 95% of all components ourselves in-house. This means that from initial idea, to design, tool-making, machining, molding, assembly, final inspection and testing right through to the finished product – we have complete control over the things we create.

Right now we’re pushing the boundaries of technical and sport diving through advanced product development – producing kit that allows divers to unlock their potential and expand their dive horizons safely, efficiently and in comfort. Our 6th generation Inspiration range of closed circuit rebreathers is a testament to our constant R&D drive-to-improve. Through extensive research and punishing test regimes we aim to make equipment for divers that is built properly, works well and tackles the snag-points and problems we all come across underwater. Where that will lead us next, we’re not always sure.

But that’s just part of the adventure.

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