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  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.03  Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems
  • 03.03.01  Water Processing / Desalination Plant
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.03  Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems
  • 03.03.06  Water Sterilisation Products
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment / Rig
  • 03.10.22  Wind Powered Self-Steering Gear

Wind Powered Self-Steering Gear

Our products

Product category: Water Sterilisation Products

enteron - first certified fully biological sewage water treatment plant for yachts and houseboats

How about if your wastewater on board would just disappear in a completely environmentally friendly way? enteron is revolutionizing the maritime market: black water enters the tank and comes out again as clear, sediment- and bacteria-free wastewater. No more hassle of dealing with faecies - no pumping, no chemicals !! enteron is certified according to IMO/MARPOL
and MED, thus internationally valid wastewater limits are reliably adhered to or even undercut.

Sewage treatment plant for houseboats / Mini sewage treatment plant / Waste water treatment / Waste water treatment / Holding tank without pumping / sewage treatment plant /sewage tank / station d'épuration

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Product category: Wind Powered Self-Steering Gear

HYDROVANE wind steering system

With our wind control systems, we offer a combination of wind vane control and always ready emergency rudder, suitable for every stern. The possibility of off-center assembly even modern yachts with bathing platforms, tailgates and catamarans can be equipped. These systems are the first choice for many blue water sailors today. We are also specialized in installations on large catamarans.   Advantages HYDROVANE:
  • Suitable for all blue water yachts - suitable for every stern as well as catamarans
  • Off-centre installation possible - for all modern yachts with bathing platform or stern passageway
  • Emergency rudder ready to use at any time - a considerable safety benefit
  • Simple operation - Ready to use within four simple steps
  • Independent rudder - no connection to main rudder
  • No lines through the cockpit - therefore also suitable for hydraulic controls/center cockpits
  • Adjustable wind vane for heavy yachts
  • Worldwide service + ARC service
  • Assembly by us possible – Europe-wide
Wind Vane / Wind Vane Control / Wind Steering System / Self steering  / windvane / selfsteering

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Product category: Water Processing / Desalination Plant

SCHENKER Watermaker

Traditional water makers with reverse osmosis technology use high-pressure pumps to increase the pressure of the seawater to
50-60 bar . These pumps require a large amount of electrical energy. For example, to produce 60 liters of fresh water per hour, an average of 1,000 to 1,200 watts are needed. Therefore, the majority of traditional watermakers require a 220 AC power generator.
As an alternative to high-pressure pumps, Schenker watermakers use a new patented Energy Recovery System, which boosts the
pressure of the low-pressure pumps, recovers the majority of the energy consumed, and thus enables very high energy efficiency.

Wassermacher / Wasseraufbereitung / Salzwasser / desalination / watermaker / water maker

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Product category: Water Processing / Desalination Plant

AQUONIC water purification system for inland waters

With our self-developed aquonic osmosis system, you can now produce your own water even on inland waters. Thus, you no longer have to worry about how long your fresh water will last until you have to refill it or that you should shower only very sparingly. aquonic produces drinking water from the surrounding river or lake. Our first tests have confirmed the quality, the verification according to German drinking water ordinance will be completed by autumn 2018.

water treatment / houseboat / fresh water / water production / water production inland water

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Company news




Jan 8, 2019

Energy management on board: SUPERWIND wind generator

TOM LOGISCH provides energy management concepts for yachts and houseboats

The powerful and particularly robust wind generators from SUPERWIND can be safely run unattended, as the mechanical rotor blade adjustment automatically limits the power and speed in case of too heavy wind conditions. An overload is therefore obviated.

Attachment: We are specialized for many years in the construction and installation of yacht accessories of all kinds and will find
the appropriate attachement for your yacht, which we produce solely from seawater resistant stainless steel. Whether mast or
stern mounting, we have a suitable solution. In addition, we offer a vibration damper, which eliminates resulting vibrations directly on the generator.

wind generator / regenerative energy / alternative energy supply / micro wind turbine  / autarky on board

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Jan 8, 2019

Invisible heating with OSNATHERM products

TOM LOGISCH is exclusive retailer for OSNATHERM products in the maritime sector   Probably the most comfortable interior climate is obtained when the heat is evenly distributed. Osnatherm offers the right heating solutions for every need and application - their innovative products are highly energy-efficient, space-saving and purely electric. Ideal for shipbuilding and those who want to live on board “beyond the season”. For allergy sufferers it is also important that it does not induce dust swirls by convection in the air.   Osnatherm heating foil In conventional houses we are used to the well-known underfloor heating. That, as well as wall and ceiling heating, is now made possible for yachts and houseboats. The heating foil from Osnatherm with carbon nanotechnology is thin as a wallpaper and available in 12 / 24V, which makes them ideal for the watersports sector. The particularly uncomplicated and invisible processing in combination with a high degree of efficiency makes it essential for ships that are permanently inhabited.   Advantages heating foil:
  • Healthy and soothing warmth
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • “Invisible heating”
  • Reduced mould formation
  • Surface temperature up to 30 ° C
  • 630 x 1 mm (w x h, length on request)
  • 12 / 24V – 130W/m²
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
Osnatherm infrared heating
  • The heating effect of an infrared heater is mainly due to the effect of the infrared radiation, which is transmitted directly to the skin. This method has so far been mainly used in the industrial field, e.g. where it is difficult to heat up large warehouses. As of now, this technology is also finding its way into households and is ideal for yachts and houseboats due to its small space it requires.
Infrared heating advantages:
  • comforting radiant heat is transmitted directly to the skin
  • less turbulence, as no convection heat: very good for allergy sufferers
  • “Plug and Play” & amp; “Heat to go!”
  • maintenance-free
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
Osnatherm AeroGel Osnatherms AeroGel provides an effective solution for improving the interior climate and energetic insulation, increasing the thermal comfort and ensuring the permanent avoidance of mold. AeroGel is based on the unique combination of vacuum glass balls and AeroGel, the world’s best heat insulators, in a layer of not more than 1.0 mm. It is useful everywhere where heat and cold should be reflected or held off.   Advantages Aero-Gel:
  • fast processing: sprayable
  • breathable
  • prevents condensation permanently
  • prevents mould growth
  • subsequent insulation or elimination of thermal bridges
  • free from chemical substances
Technical specifications aerogel:
  • application thickness: 0.8 – 1 mm
  • 0.047 W / mK at 1 mm layer thickness
  • heat resistance after application: – 40 ° C to + 150 ° C
  • load on construction: 0.3 kg / m²
  • 1 liter Osnatherm-AeroGel ≈ 1 m² area
  • min. 15 years lifetime

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Jan 8, 2019

Energy management on board: photovoltaic concepts for yachts and houseboats by tom logisch

TOM LOGISCH provides energy management concepts for yachts and houseboats

Usually, there is rather little space on the deck and you can rarely have too much power. In order to provide you with the maximum power generation per surface area, we only use Solbian’s most highly efficient flexible solar panels or Phaesun’s framed modules. In addition, we can offer you the only version of the flexible modules that works without visible plugs and can be adapted to individual dimensions. This is how the panels fit optimally into the deck area. For the framed modules, we plan, design and manufacture the substructure for your rack or the rail itself - so you get everything from one source.

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Jan 8, 2019

Energy management on board: Watt&Sea Hydrogenerator

TOM LOGISCH is official retailer for the professional hydrogenerators from Watt&Sea in Germany

Smart energy management on board is an important prerequisite for setting sails in good conditions and not having to worry about the power consumption of the equipment on board. Watt&Sea hydrogenerators offer an environmentally friendly solution for selfsufficient energy production on cruising and racing yachts. The hydrogenerator is mounted at the stern of the ship and generates energy without loss of travel and almost completely noiseless when driving or under sail.

hydrogenerator / regenerative energy / water generator / hydro generator

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About us

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You have the dream...
...we have the equipment.

Living on board is one of the most beautiful experiences for many people. Still, there are some challenges to be met to fully enjoy the
adventure on the water. tom logisch offers unique solutions for your yacht or your houseboat - individually and exclusively. We place our focus on providing you with equipment for resource-saving and the land-independent supply of energy, heat and water. We also offer additional products that make life on the water more comfortable and safer, allowing you to enjoy your dream to the fullest. Since we are active sailors ourselves, we know exactly the requirements of cruisers and a carefree adventure.

We help you to fulfill your dream of your own blue water yacht. Trust in our many years of experience.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your team from tom logisch

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