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Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

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Product category: Autopilots / Self-Steering Gear


The latest and most complete invention from RotorSwing Marine is the ZeroSpeed version. This Patented roll damping system uses the Magnus effect force when the vessel sits at anchor or is just afloat. By swinging the rotors back and forth, the RotorSwing produces the same powerful roll damping lift forces as when it were in DRIVE position while cruising. This ZeroSpeed version also performs extremely well while cruising up to 25 knots!

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Product category: Autopilots / Self-Steering Gear

High Performance Yacht Stabilization

High Performance Yacht Stabilization
Following our recent CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) study and rigorous testing of the system we are proud to announce that the system is now capable of up to 80% roll reduction in all scenarios – either when at anchor or when underway at loitering speeds, cruise speeds and now full speed up to 25 knots.

New development of our patented Adaptive Rake™ Positioning control function means the system will automatically find its optimum position to ensure the highest possible roll reduction capabilities relative to the water pressure against the unit, this ensures minimal drag and maximum fuel efficiency whilst remaining stable at all times.

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Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems, Autopilots / Self-Steering Gear


Around 1970 – nearly 50 years ago- Theo Koop invented the Magnus Effect stabilizer. At that time he built various prototypes of these stabilizers, but due to technical limitations production was discontinued.

However, about 10 years ago, Koop collaborated with Quantum Controls Engineering  to redesign his former Magnus Effect stabilizer concepts. This joint effort proved to be fruitful  and paved the way for the development of the ‘AtZeroSpeed’, ‘AtCruiseSpeed’ and ‘AtFullSPeed’ techniques. Each one of these remarkable concepts have now been fully integrated in what we call ‘The Next Generation Magnus Stabilizer’. Resulting in a highly versatile and retractable stabilizer system.

Back in 2011 a company called RotorSwing Marine was put in place, which at the time aimed mainly at the typical Dutch displacement vessels. The Magnus effect proved to be beneficial for low speed applications and soon became a great success which was copied by others.

The RotorSwing stabilizer and its concept copy’s were highly effective but had one short coming. The perpendicular to the hull protruding rotors caused drag at higher speeds. Cruising speeds around 10 knots could easily result in a drop of velocity around 0.6 to 0.8 knots. Koop found a solution to this drag issue by adaptively and proportionally folding the rotors backwards, just like the wings from fighter airplanes. He called his invention ‘RAKE’. (Revolutionary Adaptation of Kinematic Energy)

The Rake function in its current form is capable of stabilizing up to 25 knots. This has opened up another large market for faster cruising vessels.  Koop patented these original ideas to prevent further copying of his inventions. 

Recently RotorSwing Marine invented another function for the RotorSwing, which only has become feasible due to technological advancements, a combination of RAKE and ZeroSpeed. While at anchor or adrift, the rotors swing back and forth to mimic the flow of water over the rotors through which large lift forces are being generated.

A summary of the NEXT Generation RotorSwing 140 stabilizer system is as follows:
·        ATZero- ATCruise- and ATFullSpeed in a single combined system.
·        Retractable against the hull
·        Fully electric with advanced touchscreen control panel
·        No forward or backward motion induced by ZeroSpeed function
·        Ideal for refit due to small size of internal components
·        Flexible installation locations

Special feature for sportfishing yachts
·        The RotorSwing roll damping system can be engaged while slowly going astern This is ideal for sport fishers while hauling in their catch.

Innovation has always been top priority for RotorSwing Marine. Many improvements and additions have been implemented after the invention and first commercialization phase. The company is excited that it has now surpassed the phase that the Magnus RotorSwing system can only be installed on displacement vessels. RAKE is the answer to provide an extremely efficient multifunctional roll damping system to vessels up to 35 meters.

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