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SARL Adrena

183, route de Clisson, 44230 Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire
Telephone +33 9 75454048
Fax +33 2 28001773

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Sophie Marmié

Commercial Department

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.15  Electronic Chart Systems

Electronic Chart Systems

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.18  Computer Systems / Software
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.23  Weather Monitoring

Weather Monitoring

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.32  Navigation Accessories

Navigation Accessories

Our products

Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Octopus Software: Cruising and voyage

Octopus Software is aimed at cruising enthusiasts looking for a tool especially developed for their needs no matter their level or requirements. Intuitive and performant, it benefits from ADRENA expertise and provides a significant assistance for anticipation, comfort and serenity all along the navigations.

Routing calculation can be customized according to the sailor’s preferences - fastest or most comfortable route for example - and a time of arrival can be set up.
A graphical display indicates the day/night periods to provide a safer navigation.
Assistance in real speed polar creation is provided. The function offers a more accurate and reliable routing that corresponds to the boat potential.
Graphical interface of the conditions to be expected on the chosen mooring area: weather forecast, sea level according to the tide, etc.
Multiple functions linked to safety such as MOB, AIS and alarms (AIS, mooring, arrival on coasts, custom alarms).

Key Features
• Vector and raster charts compatibility
• Waypoints and routes management
• Best route calculation while
automatically avoiding coastlines
• Dual routing: sailing and motoring
• Mooring assistance graphic module
• Route anticipation on the next tack
• Assistance for speed polar and sails
usage charts creation
• Real polars calculation
• Routing analysis
• Night navigation taken into account in
the routing
• Graphical display of day/night periods
• GRIB files download online and by
email up to 16 days
• Custom alarms: depth, wind force, wp,
• MOB, AIS and alarms detection

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena First: Cruising & Occasional Racing

Adrena First is aimed at cruising enthusiasts and navigators for occasional racing. The ADRENA expertise for regatta and weather routing is condensed in a version accessible to everyone. In addition to traditional navigation functions, a racing module is included as well as several tools to create polar diagrams.

Key Features :
• Touch screen mode
• Waypoints and routes management
• Worldwide tides calculation
• GRIB download online or by email up to 16 days
• Loading and displaying GRIB
• Meteograms
• Logbook: position, speed, wind
• MOB and AIS functions
• Safety alarms : MOB, AIS, arrival on coast, mooring
• Laylines calculation and display
• Integration of current into time calculations
• Racing module: starting, windward/leeward and coastal
• Competitors monitoring
• Calculation of IRC /HN recovered time

Key Routing Features
• Calculation of optimum route while automatically avoiding coastlines
• Routing in 2 clicks
• Dual routing: sailing and motoring
• Integration of the current into routing calculations
• Routing of competitors
• Safety: wind speed limit in routings
• Summary table of the routing
• Display of wind conditions encountered along the route
• Compulsory waypoint (pivot on isochrone)

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena Standard: Navigation & Regular Racing

Adrena Standard is aimed at navigators and keen racers looking for powerful tools. This is the reference software; it offers multiple features for greater precision and highly accurate weather routing. Thanks to Adrena software, decision-making process becomes much easier when racing.

Key Features
• Waypoints and routes management
• Reading and display of GRIB
• Alarm functions
• Compatibility with GPX files (waypoints, routes and tracks)
• Roadbook with images overlay
• Calculated data sent on iPhone or iPad
• Datagrams: data evolution along the route (currents, sailect...)
• Management of the starting sequence, windward/leeward and coastal courses
• Competitors monitoring
• Reading of recorded tracks (replay)
• Reading of historical data: histographs

Key Routing Features
•  Calculation of the optimum route while automatically avoiding the coasts
• Dual routing: sailing and motoring
• Integration of the current in calculations
• Routing of competitors
• Compulsory waypoint (pivot on isochrone)
• Display of encountered conditions: current, wind, tide and waves
• Statistics on routing : wind, sails
• Calculation on a coastal route
• Entry of multiple GRIB for routing calculation
• Differential coloring of the route according to: speed, current, waves, wind
• Routing hypothesis: scanning of variables
• Risk / delay assessment: inverse isochrones and isoroutes

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena Pro: Navigation & High-Level Racing

Adrena Pro software is aimed at professional navigators looking for a complete solution offering the highest and most detailed performance.
Whether you are racing around the world or inshore, the additional functions of AdrenaPro software are here to answer every possible requirement: navigation preparation, performance analysis, optimization as well as debriefing.

Key Features
• Integration of external current atlas
• Calculation of inertia and acceleration of the boat
• Time to the line taking into account all manoeuvre
• Management of a leeward gate
• Use of specific polars: start, navigation, performance
• Data averaging
• Adjustment of polars in real time
• Integration of external data into the tracks
• Multiple replay (several boats)
• Analysis of loss during manoeuvres
• Data sharing with external software (Sailect, segment)
• Graphic display of weather history along the track

Key Routing Features
•  Loading of historical GRIBS and global forecast
• Automatic loading of NOAA GRIB
• Micro-routing on laylines: “best side of the race square”
• Videos creation on routing
• Use of multi-core CPU
• Multiple routings based on historical Gribs and global forecasting
• Wind stability display

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About us

Company details

Founded in 2003 and located near Nantes, in France, Adrena supports sail racers from start to finish, providing tactical decision making tools adapted to their particular needs: performance analysis, routing, GRIB weather files downloading, etc.

Within a matter of years, ADRENA became the French market leader in software for regatta sailing and ocean racing. The company, which supplies 100% of Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race skippers, has never stopped developing, perfecting and diversifying its products.

In 2018, ADRENA decided to open up to the cruising market. The company released Octopus, a software dedicated to leisure and voyage. Benefiting from Adrena expertise, it provides multiple
functions for comfort and optimum safety along the voyage.

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