Mestel Safety S.r.l. (Oceanreef)

Via Arvigo, 2, 16010 S. Olcese (GE)
Telephone +39 010 7082011
Fax +39 010 7082099

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boot 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand E31

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boot 2019 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.01  Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.02  Regulator / Compressors

Regulator / Compressors

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.03  Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.06  Diving Accessories

Diving Accessories

Our products

Product category: Diving Accessories


Full face mask compatible with conventional regulators. 3 DIN ports, two of which are dedicated to fit adapters for conventional regulators (once mouthpiece is removed). Remaining port is ready to fit comm. unit.

Others features:

  • Directional exhaust valve.
  • Easy Doffing system

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography


Integrated Head light with 6 Powerful LEDs. The on/off switch is installed in the surface air valve port, without impairing the function of the SAV.

This is our best selling accessory – a hands-free light that actually reduces your mask buoyancy and works incredibly well.

NOTE: These lights are not designed to be a primary light source. Visor Lights are available pre-assembled on a mask (on demand) or may be applied on any Neptune Space using prepared adhesive tape (coming with LEDs sticker).

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Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)


The Iron mask is a Chem Haz mask. There’s nothing sweet and cuddly about this bad boy. Made to be used in the worst environments possible, this IDM can manage a high percentage of Hydrocarbons in any water environment.

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About us

Company details

Our vision

Maybe that’s why we’re so irresistibly attracted to it.
As soon as we’re immersed in it, once again we turn to breathe, we feel we’re back to our true natural setting.

We yearn to be back in it to better observe it, to admire its grandness, always with new eyes.

To be back in it, to be astonished by it and to share its wonders with our friends.
To be back in it to imbue new life to the very place that’s been witness to the birth of it all.

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