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Seareq e.K. Sicherheits- und Rettungsequipment Safety und Rescue Equipment

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 75 TechnologiePark, Haus 8, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach
Telephone +49 2205 912226
Fax +49 2205 912270

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Christiane Linkenbach

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.08  Electronic Safety Equipment / Gas Detectors

Electronic Safety Equipment / Gas Detectors

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.09  Safety Tools / Equipment
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.01  Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.04  Diving Suits / Jackets
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.06  Diving Accessories
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.07  Diving Fashion

Diving Fashion

Our products

Product category: Electronic Safety Equipment / Gas Detectors


ENOS-System stands for worldwide successful and reliable rescues of divers - meanwhile since 15 years!
No wonder, that divers prefer ENOS-Boats and many times the device was the reason to book a boat or a dive center.

The easy handling of the Beacon is welcomed by the divers, its robust and solid manufacturing is welcomed by owners of dive centers and dive boats.

Worldwide unique is the easy understandable graph on ENOS-Receiver screen which clearly shows the positions of the missed divers - even under (high) stress.
The key for a speedy rescue!

That's why crews of ENOS-Boats NEVER searched for the missed divers! They just drove to them to pick them up!

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Product category: Electronic Safety Equipment / Gas Detectors

MOBOS-System - worldwide unique!

MOBOS-System enables a speedy and prompt rescue of the MOB.
Directly, without external support from SAR and without external emergency frequencies.

The device functions with an own radio frequency and does not inerfere the GMDSS, It's license free and free of charge.

MOBOS neither suffers from false alerts nor from overstrained frequencies (such as AIS). That's why its alerts always penetrate without limitation.

MOBOS is the one and only MOB-System which is legalized for Inland waters!

Wind and Kite Surfers also rely on MOBOS to become speedily rescued instead of "gone with the wind".

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Product category: Safety Tools / Equipment

SIBO.1 — the SMB with additional value

The 1st SMB holding up an ENOS-Beacon -
or your flash-light!

Improves the signal effect and supports rescue.

SIBO.1 from Seareq does not kink — not even if an ENOS-Beacon or a flash-light is attached to the top!

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Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets


The BCD SEARCH TCB-25 was developed in cooperation with American Rescue Divers - which is clearly to recognize by the outstanding material, manufaction and by its features! Most of these characteristics  we have adopted, some features we even improved. The result is an extra-ordinairy BCD — SEARCH TCB-25.

It's made in the very comfortable ADV cut (Adjustable Divers Vest) which provides numerous advantages:
It fits closed to the body but is not too tight and does not "flutter".
The exceptionally large bladder provides high comfort.

The SEARCH TCB-25 can be adjusted individually to the body of the diver, regardless of the diving suit he/she wears (Dry-Suit,  Semi-Dry, Wet, Tropic Waters ...).

Always comfortable — for ladies and gents

Despite of the high ascending volume it can be folded compact and small, ideal for travelling.

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Product category: Diving Accessories

BETA is BETTER - Jack-Knive for all water sports enthusiasts

Our cutting tools are made of very high-value BETA-Titanium - and not just from normal Titanium!

Titanium is a high-quality material because it is rustproof and acid-resistand - but it's also very soft!
That's why the blade of our Jack-Knife is made of BETA-Titanium! This material is much harder than normal Titanium. 
Seareq Cutting Tools are in the quality of  "Military Standard".

The Jack-Knife is very compact and light, it weighs 70 gram only (without pouch).
The blade can be folded back safely into the ergonomocally handle. It's 90 mm long and provides a sharp blade at its top as well as a serrated blade. A hook at its end makes it easy to cut thin ropes.

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Product category: Diving Accessories

BETA is BETTER! Rope Cutter made of BETA-Titanium

Our Seareq Cutting Tools are made of BETA-Titanium - and not just of normal Titanium!

Titanium is a high-quality material because its rustproof and acid-resistant - but also it's very soft!
That's why the blade of Rope Cutter is made of very high-value BETA-Titanium! This material is much harder than normal Titanium. All Seareq Cutting Tools are made in the quality of "Military Standard".

The Rope Cutter is recommended for divers wearing thick (dry suit) gloves because it provides a perfect grip.
The curved blade makes possible to cut ropes safely even in bad visibility. Due to the curved blade the buddy can't be injured.

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Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets

Seareq's "Little Red Diving Hood"

The product range "Little Red Diving Hood" provides for all water sport activities the perfect head gear:

Hood made of 7 mm neoprene for cold waters
Hood made of 3 mm neoprene for warm waters
Forehead-Band made of 2 mm neoprene for divers, snorkelers, sailors, wind & kite surfer
Mask-Strap made of 2 mm neoprene for all suits/jackets with integrated hood

All products are made of super-soft stretch-neoprene for comfortable putting on and off the hoods and for a comfortable cut.

The most significant feature is the bright colour "Neon-Orange" which is visible even in dark waters and in the depth.

Additionally all items of the product range "Little Red Diving Hood" are equipped with several reflectors to maximize safety and visibility (the Mask Strap provide only one reflector).

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Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

LOOPEL, the Spiral Snorkel

Every diver asks himself the same question: Where to stow the snorkel during the dive?
Our answer: Just put in the pocket of your BCD!

Our LOOPEL can be rolled up like a snail. Then, it has a dieameter of 11 cm only and fits in all pockets of all BCD.

Outstandning: Our LOOPEL is not just a back-up-schnorkel. 
You can use it 100 % for snorkelling at the reef, sportive training and apnoe diving.

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Product category: Safety Tools / Equipment


Bright'n up your dive gear! 

Sometimes good ideas are amazing simple: Such as DIVETY from Seareq!

DIVETY is a SOLAS*-Reflector, made for an easy attachment to the corrugated tube of the BCD.  
Minimal effort – maximum effect:
Fixed at the highest point, for instance at the top of the corrugated tube close to the shoulder it is most effective.

Even the blackest BCD will brighten up!

DIVETY measurements:
Total Lenght: 15 cm
Lenght of reflector: 12 cm (3 cm are velcro)
Width: 5 cm

*SOLAS stands for "Safety Of Life At Sea".
It's an international certification of IMO, Int' Maritime Organizations for safety equipment used at sea.

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