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What is Finclip?
Finclip is a device that has been specially designed to don the most popular models of adjustable fins with exceptional ease, without having to bend down or use your hands.

Finclip fixes to the base of the fin with a serrated clamp hinged to an ergonomic heelpiece. This features a grooved track and a sliding cursor to tension the bungee cord that allows the heelpiece to hold the fin firmly in place during diving.

How does it work?
Finclip couldn’t be easier to use.

Once the fin is on, just gently push down with your heel. The cursor slides upwards and the bungee cord pushes the heelpiece against your ankle.

It only takes a few seconds to be ready to enter the water.

Rapid attachment
To fix Finclip to your fins simply clamp it to the rear end of the fin and secure it by tightening the screws. Once the bungee strap has been hooked onto the posts on your fins Finclip is ready to be used. 

One of the features of Finclip is that the distance between the heel and the end of the fin can be adjusted. This adjustment, combined with a bungee strap than can be varied in length, allows Finclip to be used whatever the size and model of fin you are using. 

Easy opening
When putting on your fins, all you have to do is pull the heelpiece down until the bungee strap is below the fulcrum point. This way the heelpiece will remain down when you slide your foot into the fin. Finclip will then close when you gently push down with your heel. 

Ergonomic heelpiece
Thanks to the particular design of the heelpiece, the force exerted by the bungee strap is no longer concentrated in one point but distributed all the way along the back of your heel. Thus avoiding the annoying consequences of constant rubbing during swimming and resulting in never before experienced comfort.

Practical in the water too
Finclip is also an optimum solution when removing fins in the water. Once opened, the heelpiece can be easily held and used to overcome the suction effect between your feet and the inside of the fin.

Ease of transport
At the end of a dive, just move the heelpiece forwards. Finclip’s reduced size will allow you to place your fins back in their bag as you always have done.

Finclip can be attached to the most common models of adjustable fins, regardless of the size.

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About us

Company details

The inventor of Finclip and a great lover of the sea and diving since he was 14.

Paolo enjoyed the experience of diving in many seas around the world before choosing Ustica, a small island 36 miles north of Palermo and a marine reserve since 1986, as his base where, together with his wife Ann, he opened a small diving resort.

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Paolo has been putting a great deal of effort and resources into the Finclip project for over a year.

Married to Paolo, who she met in Moroni, on the Island of Comoro in 1985. Paolo was there on one of his diving trips and she was teaching biology at the local high school. 

Ann wasn’t a scuba diver at the time, but all it took was 10 days together with Paolo for her to fall in love with diving.

As well as organizing diving courses at the resort, Ann also does the book-keeping and has been actively involved in the development and realization of Finclip.

DESIGNSUMISURA is an engineering and design studio that offers a creative consultancy service to companies wishing to  innovate or simply renew their image with products capable of efficiently communicating the value of their brand.

The DESIGNSUMISURA team, studied and created the technical solutions and design of Finclip from its conception through to the development of the final product.


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