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STD Gebroeders van Enkhuizen VoF

Strânwei 11, 8754 HA Makkum

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Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Our products

Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Small Super Yachts, where the owner can still be the Skipper

Fast aluminium motor yachts
Do you prefer to go out into the open water? No sea is too high for an Enkcraft Statum. This fast sailing motor yacht is built in aluminium. The yacht is standard equipped with a stabilization system to increase the comfort at sea. An Enkcraft Statum is custom-built, so every Statum is unique. The execution and styling of this yacht with its upright windows in the wheelhouse gives a nod to superyacht design, for which the Netherlands is so well-known around the world. You can choose from sizes ranging from 18 up to 24 meters.

Craftsmanship: inside and out

The aluminium hull is built from a digitally cut sheet. When designing the hull we have of course taken into account the good sailing characteristics, but also the value proposition of a Enkcraft Statum: a lot of comfort and as little maintenance as possible. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to styling and layout, that’s why we work with you to find the best solutions and options to suit your wishes. Both design and construction are carried out very professionally and thoughtfully.

In good company and for big companies

The Enkcraft Statum is designed for comfortable sailing with family, but is also perfect for spending a pleasant day cruising with a large group of friend and/or relations. Different seating areas on deck provide opportunities to enjoy the sun or the shade. Whichever you and your guests prefer.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Flirting with nature

It all starts with a brilliant idea
Even though fast-moving yachts are available in abundance, a beautifully streamlined yacht geared to the requirements of today’s critical consumers was not until now a feature of yacht building in the Netherlands. All the more reason for Van der Valk Maritiem, the spiritual father and builder of Sossego Yachts, to contact design specialists Mulder Design who produced the initial design for the Sossego line. Subsequently, it was engineered by Gebroeders van Enkhuizen, who focuses on designer yacht construction, which makes this triumvirate a logical and highly successful combination.

The essence of Sossego Yachts

Sossego Yachs is a line of fast sailing aluminium motor yachts in a range from 22 to 30 meters, entirely made in the Netherlands. The Dutch yacht building industry has an excellent reputation internationally and is up there amongst the world leaders. It is known for its high level of craftsmanship, innovation and exceptional expertise. The materials and equipment used in the yachts are of exceptionally high quality.

We build your dream

A Sossego Yacht is built in aluminium and has a extremely sound hull shape, which contributes to the comfortable sailing performance. Each Sossego Yacht is custom built, which means that you have an input with respect to the interior, style and type of wood. Logical, because it is your dream. Each Sossego Yacht consequently reflects its owner’s personal touch. You will be amazed by the possibilities that we can offer and we will deliver what we promise.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Fun to sail in comfort and safety

Noordkaper and Gebr. van Enkhuizen
Since 1999 we have been building Noorkapers to the design of Martin Bekebrede, a yacht designer who more than earned his spurs in the world of water sports. Over the years we have not only built this ship, but also finetuned and further developed it. Noordkapers built by Gebroeders van Enkhuizen distinguish themselves and that is why we call them ‘Enksail Noordkapers’, abbreviated Enksail NK.

In brief

The Enksail NK is built by us in a range from 40 to 60 feet in steel. It is a long keel yacht where you can also choose for a hydraulic keel construction to reduce the minimum draught and increase the maximum draught. The yacht is cutter rigged an can easily be sailed by two people. In addition, the yacht has a lot of interior space in relation to its length.


The yacht is semi-custom-built, which means that you yourself can leave your mark on this interior space in terms of styling and layout. This way the ship will have a personal touch of the owner, no Enksail NK will be the same. Of course you will receive professional advice from us to organize the yacht as efficiently and practically as possible. The Enksail NK is definitely a yacht of very good quality that will meet your personal wishes.

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About us

Company details

We build yachts that last for eternity. Not only extremely beautiful yachts, but also very practical and well thought out. We build a yacht that feels like a companion to you, and the future generations that sail on her. This is why we choose the best quality materials for all items used throughout the yacht.

Our relationship with you is very important to us
The relationship with our customer is sacred to us because our clients do not just order a boat, but a dream. We once built a yacht for a Czech customer, whose wife had a bad experience and sworn never to sail again. After her experience with the quality of our yacht, her confidence was reestablished and she is now sailing around the world again.

We do what we promise
Our roots are in Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. We are a reliable and experienced company, which is capable of providing a high-quality product that is reliable and practical. We are very good at listening to our customers requirements, therefore we can accomplish all of your wishes. We will use all our knowledge, practical experience and passion in order to build your dream yacht. Our quality will surpass your expectations for years to come. in order to build your dream yacht. Our quality will surpass your expectations for years to come.

Service, maintenance, installation, brokerage
Your yacht is more than a custom boat to us, it is your dream. Therefore, we take care of your yacht for many years to come. We offer a wide range of services including maintenance, repairs, surveys, sales mediations, haul out and winter storage. In addition, we also have a cosy marina with 35 berths and all facilities for boats up 17 meters.

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