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Product category: Regatta Yachts / One Designs

Corsair 760R

The new Corsair 760R is Corsairs ultimate regatta boat! Fast, fun and affordable this 24′ sports boat is the perfect day boat for families, friends and racers alike. Keeping true to the 760 range the new R version offers an identical underwater profile and sail plan however features a huge full length cockpit at the loss of internal volume and comforts. Unlike the other 760 Variants the R does not offer the versatility of sleeping accommodations and comfortable interior but is instead focused record breaking speed and a large open deck layout. Not only is the 760R is a competitive racer in the popular Corsair 750 fleets but will also punch above its weight in mixed fleets with multi hulls over twice its size. It’s not all about winning races and breaking records though, at it’s core this trailerable sports boat is easy, safe and a load of fun!

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Product category: Racing Boats / Off-Shore-Boats



Performance Unleashed
The Corsair 970 SPORT delivers supreme performance through a new and supremely powerful sail plan.  So while the Corsair 970 Cruze retains a mast built for road trailering, economical transport, and sail management, the Corsair 970 SPORT answers the call of sailors wanting to achieve performance on a new level.   But this does not add complication – while taller and larger, the 970 SPORT keeps the simple and effective sail layout, sail handling features, and folding mechanism that make her smaller sibling so easy to manage.  With the 970 SPORT, the Corsair design team have captured the spirit of trimaran sailing, while ensuring you have a boat fit for a weekend with the family and dogs, not just the dogfight.

Built to Race, but at home cruising
All Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions.  But Corsair SPORT models including the 970 SPORT are finely tuned to turn numbers into results.

Competitive sailors are legendary for their dedication to the sport and the 970 SPORT delivers a boat to match.  The 970 Cruze is known as the “swiss army knife” of trimarans – equally adept at cruising, racing, and passagemaking.  The 970 SPORT exchanges the swiss army knife, for the masters’ chef knife – delivering dedication to performance while achieving some remarkable versatility – she is still road legal in most areas and seaworthy and safe offshore.  The Power to Weight Ratio stands unequalled in a 32-foot trimaran.  But the 970 SPORT experiences remarkably low heel and feels light and easy to manage on the helm.  So while you keep a boat that retains serious offshore credentials, you achieve performance figures to turn the dial red.

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With its rich 30 year history as a world leader in high quality multihull manufacturing, Corsair Marine has more than 2000 trimarans sailing in all parts of the world. From competitive racing to family cruising; day sailing or longer expeditions, the Corsair range offers the perfect boat for demanding sailors in search of adventure.

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