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Marco Heesbeen

Neon 25
4751XA Oud Gastel, Netherlands



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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

INON Z-330 underwater strobe

The most popular underwater strobe on the planet. Extremely powerful and fast yet compact and lightweight. And what's even more important....superb reliability, as with every INON strobe!!

The Z-330 is INON's flagship model underwater strobe designed for professionals demanding high performance lighting. The Z-330 provides high performance, innovative features and versatility in a package about one half the size of conventional strobes.

The Z-330 strobe is equipped with circular metal heatsink carrying high thermal conductivity around light emitting area. The heatsink is directly connected to inner circuit component to release generated heat from the strobey. The improved heat tolerance has resolved the heat problem typically accompanied with powerful strobes.

•High power with Guide Number 33
•110 degrees circular beam angle without diffuser
•1.6sec recycle time (with Eneloop PRO batteries)
•280 full flashes (with Eneloop PRO batteries)
•Robust and durable construction
•Optical / electrical connection compatible
•Precise S-TTL system
•High-intensity 220 lumen center aimed focus LED with special designed fresnel lens
•Works litarraly with every brand and type of camera
•Large control knobs for easy and comfortable operation
•Bundled with rotateble a light shade to prevent backscatter

•More power (Guide number 33 instead of 24)
•Bigger angle (110 degree instead of 100 degree
•More powerful focus LED (220 lumen instead of 180)
•The LED is more center aimed
•Larger knobs for easier control
•Rotateble Light shade to prevent backscatter
•Labels around the controls are easier to understand

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Olympus TG-5 Super Macro Diver Kit

With this kit, you can make perfectly illuminated super macro shots, just with the INTERNAL flash! The Ring flash that is included in this Super Macro kit ensures you that subjects can be well exposed with the internal flash at very short distances. The macro mode of the Olympus TG-5 is great. But the lens port of the PT-058 housing blocks some parts of the flash light and can create dark shadows. The ring flash diffuser solves this problem.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

FLIP7 Three Filter Kit for GoPro with Shallow, Dive & Deep Filters

Fits on both the Super Suit for the Hero5, 6 and 7 Black editon as GoPro Standard and Dive housings for older models.

The ultimate starter package for serious GoPro shooters!

One filter is not enough. We’ve made thousands of dives to determine the best filter formulas for all diving depths. This 3 Filter Kit is your simple solution for perfect color. Flip between any 2 filters on the same dive with the touch of a finger. FLIP5 is designed to survive the drops and abuse that we regularly give our own gear. With aircraft grade aluminum and virtually unbreakable filter optics, we’re confident you’ll find the FLIP system to deliver the most rugged design along with the world’s best color for GoPro.

Multiple filters for perfect color!

As hardcore GoPro users, we discovered that capturing the best underwater color requires the use of multiple filters. After hundreds of hours of testing, we’ve perfected a multi-filter system and integrated it into our world-renowned FLIP design. The all new Backscatter FLIP5 gives you multiple filters at the flip of one finger. Optimal color has never been so easy!

A complete filter and lens system for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero5 and Hero 6.

The FLIP5 System has the same professional craftsmanship of our previous models, with improved ergonomics. The FLIP5 offers the best color and most rugged design of any filter on the market.
•Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction
•Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control
•Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design
•Unobstructed view of front LCD display
•Easy front camera button access with thick gloves
•Open the camera housing without removing filter
•Fumble-free flip design means you’ll never loose a filter
•No vignetting in any underwater shooting mode
•Includes SHALLOW filter optimized for diving between 5 and 20 feet
•Includes DIVE filter optimized for diving between 20 and 50 feet
•Includes DEEP filter optimized for diving beyond 50 feet
•Optional 55mm threaded mount provides the ultimate filter solution; easily add our +10 close-up lens, polarizer, split neutral density, or any other filter to your GoPro for topside or underwater use

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Gladius MINI underwater drone with 100m cable

Gladius Mini underwaterdrone- Now available! Made for filming, observing and exploring. Portable and easy to take with you. Make photos and videos underwater. 4K Ultra HD video and photos with 12 MegaPixel.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

ACTIONPRO X9 underwatercamera

The new ActionPro X9, the best 4K actioncamera a diver can have", according to Actionpro. One of the best sensors (Sony Exmor), 12 megapixel and a real lens of glass (7 elements). With aluminum underwater housing, depth rated to 150m. The Actionpro X9 has a 6cm LCD screen with touchscreen and auto-off function (adjustable).

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Nauticam NA-RX100V Pro Package for Sony Cyber-shot RX100V

Nauticam NA-RX100V underwater housing for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V. The NA-RX100V housing provides the ergonomics, build quality, and innovative feature set that customers demand in a tiny, travel friendly package.

The NA-RX100V sets a new standard for compact camera housing design. It is the ultimate refinement of the models that came before it, and proven in the field.

Nauticam designs are always improving, and new features integrated into each new release. The ergonomic experience has been tailored for a photographer's right hand on the side of the housing, placing key controls literally at the users finger tips. Some users, especially those wearing cold water gloves, prefer shooting from handles such as the Nauticam Flexitray and Easitray. To better support this style of shooting, a set of stainless steel handle brackets and am echanical shutter release trigger extension is included.

The RX100V housings features an industry standard 67mm threaded port mount, meaning it is easy to attach a number of different wet mount lenses. A compact camera underwater is only as good as the optics in front of it, and the growing Nauticam accessory lens lineup sets new performance standards with every release.

•NA-RX100V housing
•Set of handle brackets with shutter release extension
•Spare silicone rubber O-ring for housing
•O-ring remover
•CR2032 battery
•Set of Allen keys
•Instruction manual

Weight: 850g
Dimensions: 150 x 101 x 109mm.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Semi-professional underwater videocamera set: Sony AX700 with Gates housing and SP34A port

THE most exciting underwater camcorder for 2018. Perfect 4K image quality, fast and accurate autofocus, extensive slowmotion capabilities, 12 x optical zoom and manual white balance. Combined with great ease of use. This is the underwatercamera divers have been waiting for.

The availability of good consumer class camcorders has been very limited the last decade. Underwater filmers were forced to use action cameras and photocameras. Action cameras lack an autofocus system and zoom and therefore macro posibilities are very limited. Photocameras feature a totally different auto-focus system that requires much more action and settings from the diver.

The Sony AX700, together with the fantastic gates AX700 housing, has superb images quality and an exttremely good autofocus system which makes it perfect for underwater filming.

Here's what Gates says about this system:



If you’re serious about underwater motion imaging, the Gates AX700 / Z90 system is for you. It has…well, just about everything.
Recreational divers will appreciate the compact size, ‘point and shoot’ instant auto focus / exposure, and easy to see camera LCD viewfinder. Want more control? Manual controls include exposure (iris, gain, ss), WB, flip color filter, ND filter and 3 assignables. Professionals get even more: 4 hours+ battery life recording on 2 SD cards, 4K HDR HLG multiple format recording, and optional surface feed SDI.

And yet there’s more. The camera 12X optical zoom + Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port + SAGA flip diopter means the biggest optical range of *any* underwater system. No lens changes required for over 100° wide angle to super macro all on the same dive. And of course, the AX700 / Z90 Housing is a Gates. “Bulletproof” reliability. 2 year renewable warranty. Legendary support. Don’t take a chance…. take a Gates!

Compatible cameras: Sony FDR-AX700 / HXR-NX80 / PXW-Z90

Gates AX700 housing specifications:
•Record-Standby / Assign #4
•LCD Swivel
•Internal Flip Color Correction Filter
•Mode (Photo / Video)
•Assign #5/6
•Gain / ISO
•Shutter Speed
•White Balance
•ND Filter
•Auto / Manual Focus
•Focus Ring
•Custom Dial (Manual Focus / Exposure)

•11.7" D x 5.8" H x 12.6" W ” (16.7" w/handles)
•30 cm x 15 cm x 32 cm (42cm)

•Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish.
•Stainless steel hardware.

•Dry: 12.5 lbs / 5.7 kg (w/camera & GP34A Port)

•Slightly negative (All Ports)

•300 feet / 91meters

•Accommodates all batteries up to NP-FV100

•2 Years Renewable Gates warranty.

Key features Sony FDR-AX700 camcorder
•4K video 24/25/30p high quality, bitrates up to 100Mbps
•Exmor RS™ CMOS-sensor 13,2 x 8,8 mm - great light sensitivity and hardly no noise
•ZEISS Vario-Sonnar® T*-lens, 29mm wide angle and 12x optical zoom
•super fast and accurate autofocus - also with moving subjects !
•Slow motion: 120fps in Full HD, max 1000 FPS in lower resolution.
•Professional functions like ZEBRA striping, focus peaking, camera profiles and S-Gamut / S-Log.
•Extensive whitebalance possibilities
•Built-in ND-filters (1/4, 1/16 of 1/64)
•Complete automatic, but also full manual control (IRIS (aperature, GAIN/ISO and shutter speed )

Summary: a compact, sturdy underwater camcorder featuring fantastic 4K images quality, professional functions, extensive slowmotion possibilities and easy handling.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Fantasea FG7X II housing for Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

The 60 meters waterproof Fantasea FG7X II Housing is specially created for the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II digital camera. 

The FG7X II Housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability. It is depth rated to 60m/200 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls. The Fantasea FG7X II is the ultimate waterproof home for the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera.

The FG7X II Housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography. Underwater photographers can dive or snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world, while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing the action of activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, hunting, backpacking and camping. The FG7X II Housing is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost and other damaging elements. The FG7X II Housing was designed to be compatible with a complete accessory system, enabling photographers to enhance the quality of their images.

Feature Highlights:
•Depth rated to 60m/200 feet
•Ergonomic design
•Made from durable injection molded Polycarbonate
•Full access to all camera controls & functions with clearly marked controls
•Shock resistant
•Port with 67mm thread
•Double O-ring seal
•Special mount for lighting accessories
•Removable double fiber optic cable connection
•Removable flash diffuser
•Easy and secure installation of camera
•Removable anti-glare hood for the LCD screen
•Moisture Detector, Hand Strap and Port Cover are included
•Compatible with a wide range of underwater photo accessories
•Weight (with camera on land): 1,025g Weight (without camera on land): 725g
•Dimensions (without accessories): 16 x 11 x 12.5 cm \ 6.3 x 4.33 x 4.92 inch (W x D x H)

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobe

Newest Japanese version (Yellow)!! Semi professional underwater strobe with a guide number of 32. Equipped with pilot lamp and both optical and electronic connection. Follower of the famous YS-D1.

DS-TTL ll automatic exposure control with improved accuracy and stability
SEA&SEA’s own automatic exposure control system, DS-TTL ll, has been further improved. Tuning light emitting timing in detail and adding light emission detection function (*2), the accuracy of automatic TTL exposure has been noticeably improved. Previously, TTL photography was difficult with the lens’s aperture wide-open (maximum aperture) and images were likely to be overexposed. It is now possible to give a low powered flash so the correct exposure can be easily achieved with the YS-D2.(*2) When the YS-D1 strobe is fired continuously, variability of light intensity (caused by voltage differences of the main condenser) could be evident. The new function will stabilize light emission by controlling the voltage differences.

Excellent night-time visibility. The illuminated control panel is ideal for night diving
Color of illumination changes to indicate mode: aqua blue (in DS-TTL mode), blue (in slave TTL mode), orange (in manual pre-flash mode) and Green (in manual mode without pre-flash). You can check which mode the strobe is set even under pitch-black conditions.

Maximum guide number is a powerful 32 (ISO 100, meter).
Recycle time is only 1.5 sec(*1)The YS-D2 is powerful enough to illuminate a wide area, even under very bright conditions with plenty of natural sunlight. During macro photography, where subtle exposure control is required, manual mode can easily be selected and the guide number quickly adjusted as low as 1.(*1) when nickel hydride AA batteries are used.

The target light can be adjusted in 2 steps
The strobe is equipped with a target light (approximately 100/300 lumen). In use (target light switch in ON position), the light will be automatically turn off when the strobe fires and will automatically turn back ON after 0.5 sec.

Ergonomically improved controls
Handling is greatly improved. Larger knobs and a new magnetic rotary switch help prevent controls being accidentally reset in use. With the new controls, quick operation is possible when photo opportunities suddenly appear.
•[Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] : 32, 24 (with Diffuser 100 attached), 20 (with Diffuser 120 attached)
•[Beam Angle] : 80°x80° (without Diffuser), 100°x100°(Diffuser 100), 120° x 120° (Diffuser 120)
•[Batteries] : 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
•[Number of Flashes *1] : A: 150 Ni-MH: 200
•[Recycle time (full) *2] : A: 3.0 sec. Ni-MH: 1.5 sec.
•[Color temperature] : 5600K
•[Color temperature w/diffuser] : 5250K
•[Depth rating] : 100m / 330ft
•[Dimensions (WxHxD)] (Excluding protruding part(s) and the arm holder.): 89x133x116mm / 3.5 x 5.2 x 4.6 inches (incl. YS base but excluding protruding parts)
•[Weight] : 623g / 22.0oz (w/o batteries) (inc. YS-mount and fixing bolt. Without batteries)
•[Underwater weight] : Approx.+40g / 1.4oz (incl. batteries)
•Exposure control: DS-TTL II, Slave TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 /4 / 5.6 /8 / 11 / 16 / 22 / 32 (11 steps)
•Pre-flash control: Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode
•DS-TTL II function
•Slave function
•Auto power OFF function
•Sync cord: 5-pin Sync cord/N, Fiber-Optic Cable
•Over-pressure relief valve
•LED target light (output is adjustable in 2 steps)
•Audible charge signal

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Paralenz Dive Camera+ (PLUS version)

New + version! This is the world’s first action camera developed for divers, by divers and with an unique feature: DCCTM – Depth controlled Colour Correction. The Paralenz Dive Camera has a built in pressure sensor and autocorrects the color according to your current depth. No need to think about filters or technical stuff during your dive – just enjoy your dive!

New PLUS version! Based on feedback from divers all over the world Paralenz decided to make the Dive Camera even stronger, more durable and with a higher depth rating to 250 m/820 ft

Whats new:
•Increased depth rating of 250m / 820 ft.
•All aluminium used has been upgraded to Aerospace-grade.
•Screws are now made of Titanium.
•New end-cap is CNC milled from aluminium with a scratch-resistant glass window.
•Better anodizing of all parts for a more scratch resistant surface.
•Improved “screw-less” selector ring.


Underwater footage is either tinted green or blue unless you use filters or manually set the white balance. The deeper you go the more colors will be absorbed in the water.

The Paralenz Dive Camera has a built in pressure sensor and autocorrects the color according to your current depth. No need to think about filters or technical stuff during your dive – just enjoy the adventure and get great footage. If you plan to go below 20 meters (65 feet), a videolight will greatly enhance the visuals.

Equipped with both a temperature sensor and pressure sensor, the Paralenz Dive Camera logs your dive and displays the data in your videos and pictures. At what exact depth did you encounter the manta ray or find the cave entrance? With the Paralenz Dive Camera you will always know – and always be able to re-experience and share that special moment.

The Paralenz Dive Camera starts logging your dive as soon as it is below the surface. Our easy-to-use mobile app generates a graph where it links photos and footage with the time and depth. Your dive logs can easily be shared with your friends. Collect your dives and access all the recordings along with number of dives, max depth, average temperature, total time spent underwater and much, much more.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Keldan Video 4X 9000lm CRI82 Video Light

LED technology with outstanding efficiency
The Video 4X is equiped with an LED of the latest generation with a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin. The spectral power distibution is very even, resulting a color rendering index of 82 CRI (Ra). A unique feature is the variable power with 9 settings.

Soft 110° beam
The light has a very soft and speckle free beam of 110° in water (120° in air).

The self contained design makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for special mountings for the battery canister. The included bracket with 1 inch ball allows easy mounting on standard arm systems.

Small and lightweight
The design is optimized for very small dimensions and light weight. You do not find any other light on the market which is as small and powerfull than the Video 4X. The complete set (light, bracket, diffuser) ads only 0.63kg (0.2kg in water) to your gear.

Tough Design
The LED can not break and has almost unlimited lifetime. Thanks to its overtemperature protection, the light can also be used outside the water.

Li-Ion Battery
The Video 4Xuses a rechargeable Li-Ion batterypack which offers much higher power density and less weight compared to NiMH batteries. The Li-Ion batterypack also offers better performance in cold water conditions than NiMH batteries do. The batterypack can be easily exchanged within a few seconds.The wall adapter accepts 110V to 240V AC.

Charge Display
The green charge level indicator displays the available relative charge and the two digit display shows the remaining run time at the actual power setting. The display unit is 1 minute. While charging the 2 digit display shows the remaining charge time. The unit is 10 minutes.

•Max power: 9000 lumens / min power: 80 lumens
•9 Power settings
•CRI index of 82
•Color temperature: 5600K
•Burntime: Max 44 minutes on full power / 1100 minutes on lowest settings
•Beam angle: Soft 110° beam

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Ikelite 200DL housing for Sony A7III, A7RIII, A9

A full featured and durable waterproof housing for Sony Alpha A7 III, A7R III, and A9 Mirrorless cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water.

Shown with lens port (not included). A lens port must be purchased separately for waterproof operation.
The Sony A7III, A7RIII, A9 are sliding into the form fitting housing using a simple tripod-style attachment. Controls are provided for all important camera functions and positioned intuitively to take advantage of the muscle memory you develop when using the camera on the surface. A unique universal gearing system puts zoom or focus at the tip of your finger with a brand new soft-touch, 5-lobed knob. The new white ABS-PC blend is specially formulated for added strength and durability. Compared to black, colored, or clear alternatives, the white shell keeps the camera running cooler, longer in hot, sunny climates.

This housing features the new DL (Dry lock Port system). It adds security at the surface of the water and accommodates large diameter lenses. Ikelite also offers a special 50 feet / 15 meter version and if you are not quite ready for the DL port system a version with the traditional four port locks.

The new white ABS-PC blend front is stronger than its clear counterpart, provides improved contrast and visibility, and keeps your camera running cooler in the sun. This material is 1/3 of the specific gravity of aluminum, making the housing much lighter and fundamentally corrosion free.

The unique rear seal design prevents accidental twisting or stretching of the o-ring for simple and confident assembly. We have eliminated the need for an o-ring groove or channel which can trap sand, dirt, or debris. Two double-passivated stainless steel locking lid snaps are simple to use and virtually unbreakable. The clear back allows you to see the o-ring form a solid, watertight seal as it closes.

A spare 1/2-20 threaded accessory port is included on the top of the housing near the bulkhead for expansion to future uses.

Like all of our housings, this product is made in the USA, individually inspected for fit, and water pressure tested to 200 feet (60m).

Rear view
The clear acrylic back provides a full view of the camera, o-ring, LCD screen. The camera's Access Lamp is visible through the back. The LCD monitor may be tilted during installation for a better viewing angle underwater.

TTL Exposure
This housings supports your choice of shooting with manual strobe exposure or adding a TTL converter depending on your application. The flash bulkhead is located on the top of the case to alleviate strain on the sync cord.

You can enjoy the fastest and most accurate TTL exposure on the market by adding the ST1K TTL Kit for Sony Alpha # 46040 and a compatible Ikelite DS strobe. Exposure compensation can be used added or subtracted in the camera.

Reliable locking connectors between the hotshoe and bulkhead make it easy to install the optional ST1K TTL Kit for Sony Alpha or carry back up parts when traveling to remote locations.

Ikelite DS Strobes
Ikelite DS series strobes can be used in manual exposure modes when attached directly to the housing using Single Sync Cord # 45151 or Dual Sync Cord # 45152. Install the ST1K Sony Alpha TTL Kit # 46040 for the most accurate exposure and fastest triggering on the market. The TTL Kit installs quickly and easily and requires no batteries to weaken or die during your shoot. Only Ikelite DS strobes are capable of powering up and communicating with the TTL Kit.

Ikelite Non-Digital Strobes
Older non-digital strobes featuring an ICS-5 electrical sync cord bulkhead can be used with this system in manual exposure modes.

SEA&SEA, INON, or Retra Strobes
SEA&SEA, INON, or Retra strobes with an electrical connection can be triggered in manual exposure modes using Single Sync Cord # 45281 or Dual Sync Cord # 45282. Strobes without an electrical sync cord connection cannot be attached to this system unless slaved off of a hard-wired strobe.

Vacuum system
The included vacuum valve allows you to vacuum test the housing to check for leaks prior to putting your expensive equipment in the water. Combined with a full view of the camera and o-ring seal through the back of the housing, there is no greater assurance that your gear will be safe. Our signature open-groove design suspends the rear o-ring in a natural position that is easier to maintain and more reliable than forcing the o-ring into a channel.

Use of the vacuum valve requires a compatible Vacuum Pump with Gauge # 47011, sold separately.

•200' (60m) depth rating
•Compatible with DL system lens ports
•Controls are provided for all important camera controls
•1/4-20 thread base mounts with 3.5" spacing
•Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water (Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port)
•Dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 6.5" (229 x 183 x 168 mm)
•Vacuum valve included (pump sold separately)
•Included Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead connector with manual hotshoe for reliable electrical triggering of underwater strobes; Optional TTL accessories provides automatic exposure with compatible Ikelite DS strobes
•ABS-PC construction is fundamentally corrosion-resistant

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

WeeFine Solar Flare MAX 10000 lumens underwater videolight

Have the sun at your fingertips! Ultra wide and powerful, the WeeFine SolarFlare Max Underwater Video Light has 5 COB LEDs in a wide array and features a dome port to compensate for refraction and spread the light. Despite it's compact size, the SolarFlare Max can output up to a massive 10,000 lumens and is fully adjustable in 5% increments up or down, accessed by and easy-to-adjust knob. It also supports the Kracken Remote Control, allowing you to adjust it's amazing output from your fingertips via a fiber optic cable.

The light can be switched to a single spot-focus COB light to save batteries, or use as a dive light. COB LEDs are well-known for their soft, wide and even light. It's light is a pleasing color temperature.

It has an extremely bright, high-contrast colored LED readout with large characters that displays mode, then automatically switches to brightness percentage, then to burn time in minutes at that power level. The SolarFlar Max is easy to control and use, you'll never be wondering what mode or run time you have left.

The lamp uses a battery pack that can be easily swapped for a fresh one. Insert the pack either way, it's unique design is foolproof! Burn time at full is 50 minutes at 100% flood and recharging is easy. Made from high-quality anodized aircraft aluminum, the Kraken Solar Flare light is rugged, and it's compact 4.5" x 7.75" size weighs only 1.9 lbs. in water. It's depth rated to 330 feet.

It comes complete with a neoprene dome cover, ball and YS mounts, charger, spare orings and a soft bag with waterproof cover.
Specifications:•LED: COB LED x 5
•Brightness: 10000 lumens (4000 lumens when using the single LED)
•Beam Angle: 160 degrees when using all LED's
•Beam Angle 120 degrees when using the single LED
•Color temperature: 4600K / 4200K (when using only one LED)
•CRI Index: Ra88 / Ra95 (when using only one LED)
•Burn Time: 50 mins at 100% flood power
•Depth rated: 100m/330 feet
•Material: Aviation Aluminum, Hard anodized
•Dimensions: 115mm (D) x 195mm (L)
•Weight (with battery): 1720g/3.75 lbs. on land, 850g/1.9 lbs. in water

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Hugyfot Vision housing for GoPro HERO7, HERO 6 and HERO 5

The Vision Hero is the most advanced GoPro housing ever. Inclusive 7 inch monitor and a maximum Depth of 200 meter. With a battery life off 5 hours the set is very suitable for Tech Divers. The housing is compatible with both the HERO5, HERO6 and HERO7.

The Hugyfot Vision Hero 5 is the most advanced GoPro housing ever. In order to get the best out of your GoPro HERO5 or HERO6, Hugyfot engineers developed this rugged, yet extremely versatile housing. Installing the Hero 5 only takes seconds thanks to the plug and play wiring system and the rotary eccentric quick closing mechanism. The housing is powered by 2 lithium power banks that guarantee a 5 hour camera operation. The large 7” HDMI monitor displays every detail and is extremely helpfull when shooting macro images.

The Vision Hero 5 housing comes standard with a flip-up red filter and screen protection, the Hugyfot multi functional wing and rigid aluminium handles with 1" mount balls. Machined out of solid aluminium, it is pressure rated to 200m and offers full camera control.

Vision Hero 5 housing specifications:
•Housing milled out of sea water resistant aluminium.
•Black anodized and Teflon coated.
•Ergonomic shutter release.
•Large front window for GoPro lens and LCD screen.
•Small front window for internal battery status indicator.
•Rotary (eccentric) quick closing mechanism.
•Red filter and screen protection with hinges.
•Rigid aluminium handles with 1” arm balls
•Multi-purpose wing.Depth rating 200m.
•7” HDMI monitor.
•Push buttons for screen adjustment.
•Compatible with Hero 5 and Hero 6
•Large removable sun hood.
•Plug and play installation of the Hero 5 or Hero 6 camera.
•Pre-wired USB & HDMI system.
•2 x Hama Premium Alu Power Pack 8000mAh (5h battery life).
•Dual O-ring sealing system.
•Optional hinge system for macro lens available.

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A great team of 9 professionals happy to advise and support you. We have a professional workplace with multiple pressure tanks where we can perform full service overhauls / repairs on all brands, including Nauticam, INON, Gates, Subal, Hugyfot, etc..

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