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  • 01.02.05  Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine)

Our products

Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine)


Hulls made of light aluminum alloys, grade PA 11-5754 and PA 13-5083 resistant to sea conditions, they are welded from 1.5-meter modules forming, airtightunsinkable chambers with vent. For example, our 15-meter catamaran, has 20 tight chambers providing users with exceptional safety. The growing demand has forced us to design several sections of floats for various applications and displacement. The construction has been appreciated by many manufacturers of houseboats. Aluminum is characterized by extra durability compared to laminate hulls, and any repair costs are small. The ordering party receives from us the hulls with transverse beams, external envelope bar and transom for outboard engine. The wide range of models allows you to build a boat with a length of 5.40 to 15 meters in length and from 2.5 to 6 meters in width. Between the hulls, profiled aluminum sheet 2 mm thick is welded under the cross beams to stiffen the structure and provide protection against waves, possible installations and devices installed under the floor. Our hulls, optionally are suitable for mounting one motor centrally or 2 suspended directly on floats. Hulls over 3 meters wide are available in folded form for transport at customer's request. All hulls have openings in the transvese beams to do a water, hydraulic and electrical installations.
For extra charge we put tunnels for the thruster, additional revisions for tanks, reinforcements for anchor winches, mounting for two engines. The cross beams are attached to floats every 750 mm. When selecting the hull for the building weight, it should be remembered that the most of the bow elements have about 1/3 displacement of the full module, and after summing up the displacement, the weight of the whole set should be subtracted. The weight of the complete frame with floats starts from 450 kg to 2,700 kg at the largest platform. The shape and method of welding the hulls, and the method of assembling for transport is patented and is owned by Waterbus.

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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine)


A modern medium-sized unit with very good nautical qualities.
Quite low center of gravity (for the multi-hull unit) allows for swimming in the coastal zone with design category "C". Very good thermal isolation allows for comfortable use at any time of the year.

Very good trafiic stability and quite big displacement are main advantages of this multihull contruction. The hull Model "C" made of 3mm thick sheets in the grade 5754 resistant to sea conditions. Frame is made of profiled sheets in the same type. The hulls contain medium-sized tanks and batteries. The float is welded of 8 separate, thight, closed 1.5 - meter modules to increase user's safety.

The floor, walls and roof are made of high quality polyester-glass laminates, filled with high-density polystyrene foarm ensuring very good thermal insulation. The upper and lower terrace floors are covered with teak imitation laminate.

Exterior double glazed doors and windows in aluminium frames are insulated and powder-coated.

-Hydraulic control of the outboard engine
- Port socket with 230V connection and 40A charger
- Aluminium, lacquered helmsman's position on the front deck
- Lower and upper rails made of powed-coated stainless steel
- Laminate stairs to the upper terrace
- Clean water tank 2x250 liters + indicator
- Grey water tank 2x250 + indicator
- Faecal tank 150 liters + indicator
- Fuel tank 104 liters + indicator
- 2x240 Ah service battery
- 75 Ah motor battery
- 4 x 230V sockets inside the facility
- Navigation lighting
- Outdoor LED spot lighting 6 pieces
- LED interior spot lighting
- Front sliding door in aluminum, double glazing with gas
- Front side windows not opened, no-frame, double glass filled with gas
- Rear windows, side windows in the bedrooms and both bathrooms, swingable in aluminum
- Heating with two-function gas heater for hanging radiators in all rooms and in the living room
- The internal floor covered with vinyl panels according to arrangements
- Suspended ceiling finished with HPL plates with imitation teak.
- 250 mm stainless steel cleats (6 pieces)
- Electric toilet with macerator, cabinet with a sink
- Shower room closed with glass doors with a dedicated cabinet, set of necessary hangers and a mirror
- A set of kitchen cabinets with lacquered fronts in white
- Sink, two-burner gas coocer, refrigerator under counter top 80 liters and a kitchen hood
- Built-in wordrobe in the right-hand store room with white painted fronts
- Corner sofa, 3-seats with the possibility of unfolding and a simple t2-seats sofa
- Stern bedroom equipped with two beds, 1300 mm wide with drawers and organizers, ceiling hanging    cabinets in white
- Blinds in all window and door openings
- Interior door matte white STD
-Radio with USB and bluetooth, 2 speakers
- Pressure water installation
- Water ladder

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Product category: Multi-Hull Yachts (Engine)


Our folding Houseboats are offered mainly to shipyards, but also to individual customers.
The customer receives from us:

  • an aluminium hull connected with profiled cross-beams, which are collapsed for transport,
  • a floor made of 40 mm thick composite panels – bottom made of laminate, top made of plywood prepared for any type of finish material,
  • walls made of composite panels produced in our company. Outer walls are 84 mm thick, with 2 mm laminate on both sides, inside a polyurethane core. Inner walls are 44 mm thick, white laminate on both sides and a polyurethane core,
  • a roof made of 2950 mm pieces strengthened with aluminium profiles, the bottom is made of white laminate and the top of gray anti-slip laminate,
  • windows and doors made of unusually light, yet very strong aluminium alloys, double glazed with tempered glass. The offset sash opening system increases the functionality and the aesthetic value of the project.
All the components are prepared in such a way that the assembly by our employees takes no more than 2 working days on site. Such a set is transported with an ordinary lorry with a trailer.

In the design phase we cooperate among others with a renowned architect Michal Szymankiewicz with whom we have already carried out several projects with a very modern style, paying attention to the newest trends on the market.

Michal Szymankiewicz

An architect, a designer, and the founder of the architecture studio Aren Architects www.aren-architects.com
He is the author of such designs as Via Marina Puck, Marina Pogon, Olympic Training Sailing Centre in Nieporet, and Marina Frombork. People related to sailing consider him to be one of the specialists in designing modern yacht ports. In 2014 he won the competition for a plan for the development of the yacht port in Nieporet.

Design is not only his profession, but also his passion. Although the main part of his work is architecture, he also designs yachts and motor boats.
His projects are inspired by his passion for sailing and his experience as a regatta racer.

He has won many championships; he is a former member of the crew of Polska 1 America’s Cup Sailing Team. Now he sails only for pleasure and gladly participates in projects related to sailing.

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About us

Company details

We have been water enthusiasts for many years. Our passion has turned into an idea for a business – this is how the make Waterbus was created. We are fully convinced that our boats are made for love of water. Of course this creates an obligation.

The quality of our boats was appreciated by customers from: Pila, Swinoujscie, Szczecin, Augustow, Gizycko, Mragowo, Warsaw, Wyszogrod and many other towns in Poland and abroad. Many are also interested in our hulls (pontoons), which are often bought for further development.

We want to produce ideal boats, with unique finish, often developed for people with passion.
We are happy about all requirements made by our customers – we can also fulfil them.

In 2006 we won the first prize on the Trade Fair in Wroclaw in the “tourist boat” category.
Our dockyard builds catamarans with aluminium hulls (pontoons) designed by us and patented.

Years of tests and experiments have allowed us to achieve very good nautical properties while keeping the mass of the boat low at the same time.
During the construction of the hulls (pontoons) and the frame we have developed an ideal base for further development of a small passenger ship, houseboat, lifeboat, work boat, diving platform, and for many other uses.

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