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Product category: Diving Centers


GUE Dive Centers promote GUE’s broad global mission in support of aquatic education, conservation, and exploration. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for local GUE diving activities. Visiting a GUE Dive Center provides assurance that GUE’s high standards are met while also making it easy to receive support with a variety of important standard practices.

The high level of standardization found within GUE diving is particularly useful when working with GUE Dive Centers. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for all GUE diving needs.

GUE Dive Centers are also a critical link in the development and maintenance of local communities. These communities are the engine that powers GUE’s founding principles and are also entirely unique to being part of GUE. No other aquatic organization offers such a vast and supportive global network or the resulting opportunities to be part of wide-ranging international projects. Whether joining conservation initiatives like GUE’s Project Baseline, partaking in one of many exploration projects run by GUE divers, or just enjoying a range of social experiences, our communities offer purpose, challenge, and personal enrichment.

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Product category: Diving Schools


The most important decision is already made: you are reading this, which means you are interested. But what should you know before you begin your training to become a scuba diver?

First, try diving with your chosen GUE instructor without a commitment to a course. GUE’s Discover Diving program is designed as an introduction for individuals with no previous scuba diving experience. This program does not result in certification but can serve as an introduction to a course or as a standalone experience. This experience will show you what you are really signing up for, what the training will look like, and help you determine if you and the instructor are a good fit.

Diving involves physical activity, and you are dependent on a set of equipment that enables you to breathe underwater.

Diving requires some knowledge about basic physics and physiology, understanding of the equipment, team mindset, and certainly, involves overcoming difficulties. You may even be asked to face some fears because, in the end, underwater is not a human environment.

So, give it a try first and see if you like it. And if you do, we can promise you one thing – it will never let you go!

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Product category: Diving Schools


Scrupulous care is taken in the selection and training of our instructors to ensure the best possible training experience for all students. GUE instructors must possess exemplary diving skills and knowledge in addition to effective communication and teaching skills.

Becoming a GUE instructor can be a long and demanding process, as is confirmed by the small group that has been able to reach the high bar we have set. This is not only due to the intense instructor requirements but also to the regular renewal and requalification requirements for all instructors.  On a yearly basis, every GUE instructor must pass a fitness test and demonstrate both teaching and diving currency at the highest levels of their qualification. While this might seem obvious, it is one of many GUE innovations. In this case, GUE remains the only agency willing to accept the financial cost of fewer instructors while ensuring diving currency and capacity from their instructors.

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Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) represents a global network of GUE communities, empowered by highly refined diver training programs and inspired to explore and conserve the world’s aquatic environments.

GUE is a leader in scuba education, developing numerous industry-first training protocols with a global cast of extremely knowledgeable professional educators and producing divers of exceptional quality. These educational programs enable divers to enjoy a nearly unlimited range of opportunities, including conservation programs, exploration projects, and documentation adventures. GUE-trained divers are found in far-reaching global communities that offer many social and support opportunities alongside a host of unique and challenging underwater projects.

GUE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses a small but efficient staff. We are supported by our divers and members—consider joining GUE today! 

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