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Linssen Yachts B.V.

P.O. Box 7172, 6050 AD Maasbracht
Brouwersstraat 17, 6051 AA Maasbracht
Telephone +31 473 539999
Fax +31 475 439990

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Our products

Product category: Motorboat Charter

Exclusive boating holidays on a Linssen

Do you want to charter / rent a Linssen motor yacht? You can do that with the Linssen Boating Holidays® partners at many locations in Europe.

SLOW = COOL! "Having time” has become an almost unimaginable luxury. The clocks go around more slowly when you’re on board your “own” motor yacht. The only thing that’s quick about it is the speed at which you get used to this relaxing pace.

Leisurely tasting the best Burgundies in Auxerre? Soaking up the classical grandeur of Bruges? Spending hours strolling around the flea market in Lille? Enjoying the unspoilt scenery in Müritz National Park? Paying a visit to the Rijksmuseum to see “The Night Watch”? Sipping a Starbucks at the Brandenburg Gate? Putting together the cheese board on the aft deck for this evening? Enjoying that delicious Riesling from the Moselle region? And finally getting around to reading that thick Tom Clancy book!

In our ever faster-paced society, an increasing number of young people are convinced that slow means sustainable, slow means quality of life, slow means time for the kids, slow means enjoying life to the full, slow means stress-free, slow means wealth of the purest kind!

The combination of European Linssen charter companies under the Linssen Boating Holidays® label is today the largest provider of high-quality motor yachts in this sector in Europe. This means thata large selection of premium-brand Linssen steel motor yachts are available to our customers here in the best water sport regions.

You can therefore charter your trusted yacht from all of the LBH partners and benefit from uniformly high standards of quality and service. You will also retain your regular customer discount with all the providers.

Invest in a charter yacht
Another way for you to become part of Linssen Boating Holidays® is to invest in a charter yacht. We are seeking friendly investors to ensure the continued expansion and constant renewal of our fleets. In recent years, the LBH fleets have developed dynamically with the help of such investors and they are set to continue to grow.

The LBH partners each offer their individual charter management programmes and are keen to provide you with further information. Invest some of your capital in stable assets and you will also be investing to secure not only a possible financial but also an immaterial "emotional" return! When you become a yacht owner, you become a partner in the region that you like best, you become part of Linssen Boating Holidays® and you therefore also become part of the extended Linssen family!

Linssen Boating Holidays® Partners in Europe.

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The journey is the reward

Warm rays of Spring sunshine welcome you to the marina. The sky above is cobalt blue, and there’s a light breeze at the waterfront that makes a familiar sound in the mast stays of the boats. It’s the perfect start to a perfect journey.
Suddenly life feels good again. You breathe more deeply. Your heart rate slows. You feel more alive. Because something tells you this is where you belong.

It feels like you’re coming home, yet the journey is only just beginning.
It’s a journey that can take you to beautiful river valleys, serene canals, spectacular coastlines, romantic harbours, delightful waterside restaurants and everywhere else in between. All at the quiet, unhurried pace that only motor cruising can provide.

Once you‘ve tasted the experience, there’s no going back. You’ve started a love affair with the waterways. And with your boat. A love affair that the average person will never understand.

This is a journey that won’t end at the next marina. It never ends. Not as long as you can still get on your boat and steer her away from the quayside. It’s a journey that will go on for the rest of your life.

We know. We’re on that journey, too.

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