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  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.08  Tables / Chairs / Covers
  • 03.08.01  Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring / Mooring / Shore Leave
  • 03.11.04  Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring / Mooring / Shore Leave
  • 03.11.05  Buoys / Fender / Fender Eyes / Accessories

Buoys / Fender / Fender Eyes / Accessories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring / Mooring / Shore Leave
  • 03.11.08  Bikes / Scooters

Bikes / Scooters

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.14  Marine Clothing / Accessories
  • 03.14.06  Bags


Our products

Product category: Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

Large Bailer - Outside Mount

The ANDERSEN automatic bailers are available world wide and recognized by dinghy sailors as the most effective and reliable means of automatic bailing.

ANDERSEN Bailers are made of Stainless Steel, guaranteeing you many years of trouble free service.

Effective and reliable means of automatic bailing
Made of stainless steel and guaranteeing years of trouble free servicing

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Product category: Buoys / Fender / Fender Eyes / Accessories

ATN Tacker

Here is the sequence: Attach the halyard to the spinnaker's head, the sheet to the spinnaker's clew, the downhaul to the spinnaker's tack where the TACKER has already been shackled, pass the TACKER around the furled headsail, clip the snap shackle onto the spinnaler's tack and hoist away. Trim the sheet and the downhaul and you are sailing. The downhaul, in most cases, can be replaced by a rope pennant always on the spinnaker's tack, making the operation even easier.

Of course you can fly a spinnaker without a pole and without the TACKER, but bear in mind that a conventional spinnaker is designed to fly a couple of feet above the lifelines. Its foot (between the clew and the tack) should always be horizontal. Securing the spinnaker tack to the deck is not the best way to set the sail. It is too low and the spinnaker will chafe on the bow pulpit and lifelines. If you add a pennant or a downhaul, the spinnaker falls off to leeward and the pennant chafes on the pulpit and the sail looses its shape. That's when the TACKER saves the day. It holds the tack, and the luff, of the spinnaker close to the centerline of the boat and it can be adjusted up and down with the downhaul for a perfect trim. The NEW Tacker is now fitted with a snapshakle, which allows the operator to blow the tack of the spinnaker, making it even easier to control the sail.

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Your Online Boating Supply Superstore
Since 1997,’s mission has been to offer boat owners with the most comprehensive boating supplies anywhere on the Web. With over 30,000 products to search, offers competitive pricing and first class support.

Service: This is by far where we shine. What you will find at is a helpful, knowledgeable support team to assist you in selecting the right product for your needs. We don’t stop there. Our team makes sure that your order is processed and is shipped ASAP. We offer customer's toll free phone support, live chat via the web site and ticketed case support, again via the web site.

Marine Electronics: We offer a comprehensive selection of marine electronics products from nearly every major manufacturer. With our years of experience in the electronic navigation market, customers have come to rely on us as a trusted source in the emerging recreational GPS market where again we carry most major brands.

Sailing: In the sailing hardware market, we offer perhaps the most comprehensive listing of sailing hardware anywhere. For example, type in "Harken" or do a manufacturer search for Harken and you'll see we carry over 1400 products with Harken alone. You'll see this kind of depth in our product offering from other manufacturers.

Power Boat: From replacement engine part to inverters, chargers, life rafts and great fish finders we have a wide variety of the stuff you'll need to make your boating fun, safe and comfortable.

Do-it-Yourselfers: We have become something of a destination site for those doing boat building and repair work, offering products and advice with high end coatings such as Awlgrip and a wide variety of core materials, laminates and resins.

General Boating: Beyond all this, you'll find we offer general boating supplies, safety equipment and many other hard to find items all at unbeatable prices., LLC began in 1997 as Cyber-Marine, Inc. In 2000, subsequent to an investment by MindDrivers, LLC, a venture development firm, the company became and with additional resources, funding and support, rolled out a vastly expanded product offering as well as expanded features and customer support. In late 2014, was sold to the current owners well versed in all aspects of e-commerce and the boating industry. is Owned and operated by a growing team of experienced sail and motor boating professionals with expertise in retail e-commerce.

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