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Arseny Veber

International Development Director

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Sailingboat Charter

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Motorboat Charter

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Houseboat Charter

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Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore / In Shore

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Berth Charter

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Boat Hire

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Sailing Cruises / Traditional Sail Boats / Tall Ships

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Yacht Brokers

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Boat Sharing / Timesharing For Boats

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  • 13.01.01  Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Marinas / Yacht Harbours

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.01  Marinas / Berths
  • 13.01.02  Mooring Agents

Mooring Agents

Our products

Product category: Travel Organisers / Agents

St. Petersburg Marine Agent Services – Visit Russia by yacht easily!

We understand the increasing demands challenges of managing and a modern superyacht, especially when it’s about destinations which just started to welcome private sea travellers. Today, Russia opens its sea borders and we provide a broad range of expertise in our home harbour St. Petersburg. Our services are customized to every client’s need at every stage of voyage:

  • Visa service and all necessary paperwork incl. invitation.
  • Insurance.
  • Tourism arrangements, excursions planning.
  • Itinerary planning and provision with nautical maps in electronic form to easily navigate in the Russia’s inland waters.
  • Information brochure incl. all the rules and requirements when entering the waters of the seaports "The Big Port of St. Petersburg" and "The Passenger Port of St. Petersburg".
  • Coordination of the date, time, itinerary and fairway to ensure the safe passage of the vessel within the port area.
  • Customs & Immigration Procedures.
  • Yacht clearance & formalities.
  • Timely payment of port fees.
  • Language support.
  • Berth reservation.
  • Russian speaking navigating services.
  • Tugboats as well as pilotage when if necessary.
  • 24-hour concierge service and legal support.
  • Connection to power & water supply systems.
  • Technical services, maintenance and repair of onboard systems and hull of the yacht.
  • Bunkering - fuel, technical water, disposal of various wastes.
  • Fresh provisions & supplies.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Communication services and the Internet.
  • Hotel & restaurant reservations.
  • Assistance in insurance claims.
  • 24-hour concierge service.
  • Russian speaking p Navigating services.
Tourism arrangements:
  • Exclusive guided tours and museums.
  • Sports and recreational activities related to water (canoeing or SUP across St. Petersburg city channels).
  • Gourmet events.
  • Shows and concerts.

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Product category: Tourist Agencies / Boards

Russia Yacht Charter – Explore Russia from water! Be a discoverer!

We present the concept “I’m a discoverer” and offer you to rent a crewed or non-crewed yacht and explore some spectacular routes between major Russian cities.

  • Petersburg – Moscow / Moscow – St. Petersburg. Level: Classic Discoverer
  • Petersburg – Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod the Great) – St. Petersburg. Level: Authentic Spirit Discoverer
  • Petersburg – Petrozavodsk. Level: Extreme Discoverer
  • Petersburg – Black Sea. Level: Full Experience Top Discoverer

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Product category: Boat and Yacht Charter, Inland

Business yacht charter between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Invite your colleagues and business partners on board of the beautiful yacht and hold a business meeting in a true luxurious atmosphere.

  • Hotel & restaurant reservation.
  • Conference halls reservation.
  • Private Security services.
  • Transfer services.
  • Interpreter & translation services.

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About us

Company details

Russian Nautical Agent is the Russia’s largest charter & consultancy company for the yacht industry. Whether you want to come to Russia by your own yacht or rent a boat in St. Petersburg and Moscow and explore Russia from water, we are here to provide with you an unforgettable voyage experience.

What does “Russia from water” mean? It is about the routes which have never been revealed before. Nowadays, Russia opens its secret water ways to easily come to St. Petersburg by a motor-, sailing- or houseboat as well as to enjoy picturesque water routes from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Novgorod and other Russian cities.

Being a pioneer in the Russian charter industry, we are glad to introduce a concept “I’m a Discoverer” to give you a chance to explore a variety of routes while offering you all the comforts and amenities of a luxury voyage.

As your dedicated consultant and service provider, we will find out your requirements and carefully guide you through the preparation process, take over all the paperwork, provide you with navigation maps, guide you, your crew and your boat through the border, book a marine or berth, organize your leisure and do all technical and maintenance work for your boat.

With us you have the flexibility to personalise your holiday by choosing which products, services and extras you need. That way you only pay for what you want. 

When under our agency we will be 24 hours at your service.

As a yacht charter, we offer an opportunity to travellers with any level of boating experience to rent a yacht and explore the secret water routes between major Russian cities. Whether you are an experienced “Helmsman” or a casual traveller with little to no boating experience, we have a variety of vacation options to cater to everyone’s needs.

Our promise to you
  • All-In-One agent to plan, prepare and organize your voyage to Russia.
  • Firm commitment to customer service excellence.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable bases.
  • Trusted company with the maritime security background. Safety first.
  • Diverse routes to suit every type and experience of discoverer.

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