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  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.03  Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems

Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities / Equipment
  • 13.02.01  Marina / Harbour Equipment

Marina / Harbour Equipment

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities / Equipment
  • 13.02.08  Supply / Disposal Facilities

Supply / Disposal Facilities

Our products

Product category: Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems, Marina / Harbour Equipment, Supply / Disposal Facilities


The Bever IIIA is a decentralised biological wastewater treatment system with capacities varying from 22 up to 500 p.e. 1 perfect application for food, industry, communities, holyday/caravan parcs.

The innovative compact design allows to place the system in different situations. The system consist of only three main parts: a lightweight, reinforced polyester process tank, a sludge thickener and a settling tank. As a result the system is suitable for area’s with a limited space. Therfore is it also a good solution for industrial area’s, since digging is not always desirable due to the existing infrastructure. The Bever IIIA is suitable to treat industrial wastewater as well as communal wastewater. Even a combination of sources is possible to treat. Especially relevant to metnion is that the quality of the effluent allows re-use for process or irrigation water.

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Product category: Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems, Marina / Harbour Equipment, Supply / Disposal Facilities


The Bever Autarkic is a floating wastewater treatment system for canals, lakes, recreational area´s and other remote locations.

The Bever Autarctic is capable to treat wastewater from recreational crafts, efficiency according to MEPC. 227(64) § 4.2

In many European countries the treatment of wastewater on remote locations is not well developped. Especially the treatment of wastewater from recreational crafts and small river cruisers is a point of concern, as the wastewater is discharged directly into the surrounding waters. No matter if this occurs in the Baltic Sea region, on the Danube river or any other inland water ways. This pollution causes several problems. First of all the swimwater quality is affected by bacteria like E-coli and in additon to this algae growth occurs due to an overload of nutrients in the waterbodies. Also the attractiveness of a region can detoriate as well as vulnerable ecological area’s are impaired by untreated wastewater.

We have therefore developed the Bever Autarkic – autonomous wastewater treatment powered by renewable energy. First of all it serves as a biological wastewater treatment station. But in addtion to wastewater tratment, it can inorporate many functions. The treated wastewater is furthermore disinfected before discharge.

The required energy to run the Bever Autarkic is generated by solar panels and allows a 24/7 h continuous operation. By means of a biological process the wastewater is converted to harmless substances. The effluent stream is filtered by an Ultra Filtration module  to remove all suspended solids and potential harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, Helminth eggs. Designed for up to 5000 litres of wastewater per day the stations contributes to reduced nitrogen and phosphorus emissions, increases the water safety and avoids the growth of algae. Monitoring of the system takes place with a telemetry system and allows an unmanned operation of several stations in one network. Special attention is paid to make a user friendly and easy-to-operate system for the visitors. Also many options are available to make it a full service station.

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Product category: Fresh Water Supply / Sewage / Waste Disposal Systems, Marina / Harbour Equipment, Supply / Disposal Facilities


The Bever BCC-I built-in wastewater treatment system is designed for use onboard of ships and floating constructions. The compact wastewater treatment system is available in standard sizes as well as custom-made solutions. Applicable in any situation where the available space is limited. The BCC-I wastewater treatment system is used in houseboats, floating houses, marinas, remote operating locations, river cruisers and other specific situations.

The BCC-I Built-in wastewater treatment system is a very compact wastewater treatment system designed for the treatment of biodegradable domestic wastewater. The system works with the activated sludge process and has a capacity ranging from 1 to 12 p.e. (population equivalent). It is the  solution for small spaces onboard river cruisers, yachts, floating homes but also for professional users as owners of barges, dredgers, tugboats and other inland water way vessels. For an external floating solution for waste water treatment we refer to our Bever Combi Compact – floating.

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About us

Company details

Afmitech Friesland is an innovative company specialized in the development and production of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. All Bever® systems find their applications in private  households, farms, and  restaurants upto medium scale industrial situations of up to 5000 pollution equivalents (p.e.) .

When designing the systems, we choose for high-tech elements where necessary, and simplicity where possible. This approach has led to the line of Bever® systems that are known for their durablity and highy efficiency.

By combining our expertise in biological processes, control technology and mechanical enigeneering we are constantly improving our wastewater treatment systems to deliver the best quality to our customers. This quality approach is not only limited to our  product range, but also includes our services: installation and commissioning of projects, operation and maintenance. Quality of our services and products is guaranteed through several certificates: CE marking, KIWA and VCA.

Company background
Afmitech Friesland started in 1998 in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The aim of the company was to  create solutions in decentralized treatment of wastewater and to contribute to a cleaner environment. Founder Boele de Jong was a pioneer in this field and developed his ideas to solve the practical problems he encountered during his work for the Dutch Water Board.

What started as a small home based company has now grown out to a professional company with own laboratory, design and production facilities. One thing did not change in these years: The spirit of innovation and the quality of the delivered products and services.

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