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Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment / Rig
  • 03.10.04  Rigs / Rigging
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment / Rig
  • 03.10.08  Rig Accessories / Tools
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment / Rig
  • 03.10.10  Blocks
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring / Mooring / Shore Leave
  • 03.11.04  Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.11  Anchoring / Mooring / Shore Leave
  • 03.11.06  Mooring Accessories

Mooring Accessories

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.01  Marinas / Berths
  • 13.01.02  Mooring Agents

Mooring Agents

Our products

Product category: Blocks

Ino-Block range Textile blocks

As the first product designed by Ino-Rope, the Ino-Block is a textile block produced in series, based on an innovative patented concept. Extremely simple (5 parts) and efficient, the Ino-Block is lighter than all the other traditionnal blocks on the market thanks to its textile technology. It is also more reliable (highly resistant Dyneema® axle) and its materials were selected to last longer (no ball bearing or metallic pieces inside). The Ino-Block's range covers all working loads and adapts to any situation: "classical" block (Ino-Block), snatch block (Ino-Snatch Block) and ending block (Ino-Ending). The Ino-Block textile concept has been approved by open sea racers in the most extreme conditions. With its extraordinary strength and unique lightness, the Ino-block is a proof of reliability and performance.

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Product category: Rig Accessories / Tools

Ino-Connect range Textile shackles and accessories

The Ino-Connect range offers a large choice of uses and working loads. The shackles and loops are produced in series and combine know-how and technicity: the high quality textile Dyneema® structure ensures lightness and prevents corrosion. Our engineers focused specifically on the simplicity and reliablity of the range (easy to open, no risk of losing them) for an intuitive and safe use. Or R&D team/department creates high quality textile shackles (I-Connect Shackle, I-Connect Strope, I-Connect Loop) by focusing on high-tech fibers and cutting-edge technology (filament winding). Ino-Rope offers shackles that are light, convenient and adaptable (I-Connect Light, I-Connect Shackle-Cover). We also develop an accessories range that aims at improving and facilitating sailing (Ino-Stopper, I-Bone, Ino-Padeye etc. ).

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Product category: Rigs / Rigging

Ino-Rigging The rigging factory

Ino-Rope exploits its expertise and know-how in the high-tech fiber field to serve your rigging projects (standing and running rigging). Our technical experts help you to define your guidelines and design the most adapted solution to your needs, paying careful attention to quality and communication. Our rigging solutions are designed to last, with resistant and meticulous finishing touches (splices, whipping, covers, and so on.).

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Product category: Mooring Lines / Ropes / Accessories

Ino-Custom Customized solutions

We produce ropework solutions for sailing, maritime and industrial sectors, in small or large series. From racing boat rigging to shipyards and anchor lines for civil and military structures, our high-tech fiber solutions allow important weight gain. Resistant and designed to last, our products guarantee reliability and quality.

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About us

Company details

High-tech fibers at the core of our innovations
Our job : creating products and solutions with high tech textile fibers.

Our expertise: to innovate by designing light, resistant and reliable products and solutions, for your performance.
Forerunners on the market with blocks and shackles made of high-tech textile fibers, we have been developing our exper-tise and know-how to support innovation and performance for more than five years. Whether it is for amateur or profes-sional sailors, ship-building or industry, we create products and solutions that combine lightness, strength and reliability, produced with quality materials and high technology. Designed to last.

High tech textile fibers have revolutionized the worlds of sailing and industry. All our innovations are de-veloped with these fibers (Dyneema®, Kevlar®, etc.), whose exceptional mechanical properties we ex-ploit to imagine, design and commercialize highly technical products and solutions.

Our products, whose essential structure is rope-based, have a shared identity card: they are both simple and reliable, resistant yet light, efficient and designed to last. These unique technical characteristics open up extremely broad fields of application for our products and solutions.

To boost our capacity to innovate and push our expertise to the highest level, our R&D department and design team join forces by working hand in hand with trustworthy technical partners such as VMG Yacht Design.

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Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories