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Motorboats & -Yachts

Our products

Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

Loxo 32 by pogo

Loxo 32 is the new generation of cruising motor boat. Based on cutting edge building technology. Her displacement is ultra light, allowing an hybrid hull design with ultra early planning that needs minimum propulsion power. Optimized for 10 to 15 knot cruising speed, she will let you cruise with an incredible efficiency : about 0,5 litre per nautical mile, a real record ! Her modern design and the brightness of the inside create a comfortable and pleasant layout. The wide folding tail gate and the large sun bath will make you enjoy all the perfect mooring moments.

Construction :
In order to achieve the performance ambitions, The Loxo 32 construction has been thoroughly optimized. The hull, deck and all structure parts are glass fiber/foam sandwich with polyester or vinylester resin. All the parts are done by “infusion”. This is a vacuum process that allow us to build high quality composite parts with great weight optimisation.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Pogo 50

Sensation and performance from the start

The latest offering from the Pogo family does not deviate from our underlying philosophy. We offer elegant boats, fast on all points of sail, in all conditions. Light, uncomplicated and easy to manoeuver it is perfectly capable of long distance cruising, be it shorthanded or with a family. The Pogo 50 shortens distances. Like all Pogos, it benefits from our experience on the race course : powerful, stiff, accentuated by a chine for speed, carbon mast and deep draught for stability, balanced under sail with autopilot, helm light and accurate for pleasure. Thanks to the lifting keel (3.50m/ 1.50m), it can reach deserted, shallow anchorages, without sacrificing the stiffness needed for performance.

Light, comfortable interior

Even though it goes fast, the Pogo 50 doesn’t sacrifice comfort for speed. With it’s vast saloon, huge galley, 3 cabins and 2 shower/headcompartments, it offers everything you’d expect from a modern 50 footer, the thrill of gliding over the seas… and how!

The numerous openings give the boat more than it’s fair share of light and airiness. Forward-facing windows in the saloon make for good all-round visibility. The Pogo 50, a boat for life, at sea or at rest.

The bulding process

The Pogo 50 is built using reliable and efficient resin infusion technology that Structures has mastered over many years. The hull, deck, interior structural components, as well as the numerous other items are vacuum bagged foam sandwich. The interior furniture is produced in our woodwork shop in lightweight materials that are both durable and goodlooking. Finally numerous spaces around the boat particularly under bunks and in the longitudinal strengtheners are filled with foam to aid insubmersibility.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Pogo 30

Summary of the characteristics of Pogo 30
A truly versatile yacht for very fast offshore sailing and coastal sailing (lifting keel), ideal for a small crew or family.
Length of 30 (9.14 m) and beam of 3.70 m. The Pogo30 is therefore more powerful than the Pogo8.50, with its greater width, hard chines, and its forward hull volume.
A lot of work has gone into designing a boat which planes easily:
–          A powerful hull, latest generation, similar to the Pogo40S² and the Pogo50, offering amazing performance in light airs and which planes in light conditions and downwind.

–          A light boat with full sail area, with a fibreglass sandwich hull for greater stiffness, making for a cleaner structure.

–          Choice of a bulb keel inspired by the Pogo40S², or a deep swing-keel (to slip into anchorages).

_          Optionally available with aluminium mast with backstay or carbon mast without backstay

A comfortable boat, with a sober interior layout offering an unusually spacious interior for a 30 (9.14 m) yacht.
A bright interior with a view outward when standing or sitting in the saloon, as well as forward.
A versatile cockpit compatible with the requirements of a family and manoeuvring with a small crew.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Pogo 36

The Pogo 36 is the archetype of the new generation cruiser. Hull design and sandwich construction are directly inspired from our offshore racing range. The bright inside layout is extraordinary convinient whether you are mooring or sailing. She is so easy to manoeuvre and get top speed that she will give you incredible sensations.

The hull, deck and all structure parts are glass fiber/foam sandwich with polyester or vinylester resin. All the parts are done by “infusion”. This is a vacuum process that allow us to build high quality composite parts with great weight optimisation. This process is key to propose such performant boats.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Pogo 12.50

Pogo 12.50 description
High speeds and long distances

The Pogo 12.50 is definitely not a cruiser like all the rest. Her hull, designed by Finot-Conq Architects is the same as the Pogo 40S² – a frequent sight on the podium of the Class 40. Powerful, stiff, accentuated  by the chine, she will attain speeds that you have yet to experience. In only 3 to 4 knots of breeze, even long distances will seem much shorter…

Comfort at sea as ell as at rest

Even though the hull of the Pogo 12.50 is race oriented, she remains a cruiser giving total comfort, simplicity and style like Pogo have done since the beginning.


Layouts : 7 differents versions. From the standard (2 cabins & 1 head) to the 3 cabins & 2 heads version.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Pogo 3

Pogo 3 description
Pogo Structures is specialized in offshore racing boats : since 20 years we have built 300 Mini6.50 and Class40 with success at all major races. Our team is prepared to deliver a Pogo 3 ready to race (hull preparation, electronic, sails).

Since 2016, Pogo 3 has won every Classe Mini race

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Proto Foiler

  Pogo Structures specializes in offshore racing boats: in the last 30 years we have built more than 300 Mini 650 and Class40 with success at all races.

Proto foiler is designed by Guillaume Verdier, also designer of the Pogo 3, which dominates the class Mini. This boat is based on the future monohull of the America’s Cup.

All the technical improvements we will do in building this boat, especially for carbon parts, will benefit to the other boats of our shipyard.

The expertise of Pogo comes indeed of technical requirement from offshore racing sailing boat.

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About us

Company details

Our Concept
Structures builds fast sailing boats for short-handed offshore sailing. The team at Structures is comprised of people who are passionate about boats, both racers and cruisers, who have dedicated themselves over the past 20 years to the development and build of these pure modern and enjoyable sailing boats, accessible to all.

Technology and offshore racing experience and expertise applied to cruising boats
As good professionals, we define your boat with you, we build it for you at the right price, and we sea trial it with you before handing it over. We do not sub-contract any part of the build, all areas of expertise being covered on site.

Pogos have won a significant number of offshore races including the Mini-Transat, the Transquadra, the Québec Saint-Malo, the Route du Rhum… We are proud of this, as we are of the hundreds of pogos cruising trouble-free all over the world for the sole pleasure of their owners and their families and friends.

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5-20 Mio €

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