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Product category: Motor Sailers

Imexus 28

The Imexus 28 is the perfect allround-boat for all water sportmans, who enjoy sailing as well as cruising with a motorboat. Intelligent art of engineering meets modern design and high-end quality at the Imexus 28. The clou is its established water ballast system. Thanks to a double shell in the hull the yacht is able to take on around 730 litre water as a weight, what gives the boat its necessary stability during sailing. It needs only a few steps and minutes to turn the Imexus 28 from a family-friendly, quick sailing boat to a speedy motorboat.

Depending on the motorisation, the Imexus 28 is able to achieve up to 29 knots without the water ballast and reaches planing easily, already with a 90 HP outborder. The yacht can be equipped with an outboard motor up to 150 HP or with an inboard diesel engine up to 170 HP. Even watersport activities like wakeboard or water skiing are feasible, due to the slipperiness of the hull.

Likewise the sailing performance of the Imexus 28 is outstanding in its category. The cruiser achieves already with a wind force of 3 Beaufort the theoretical hull speed of 6,8, that sailing on board of the Imexus 28 becomes an extraordinary pleasure. For an easy handling all halyards, hauls, the mast raising system as well as the swing keel control are directed to the cockpit, with the result that even solo sailors can steer the boat easily.

The cockpit on board offers sufficient place for even six passengers. Below the comfortable seats are two large lockers, which serves as stowage for the nautical equipment. Likewise the seats suits perfectly as sunbeds.

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Product category: Motor Sailers

Imexus 37 DS

The Imexus 37 DS is a seaworthy deck saloon yacht, which convinces with lots of living comfort as well as excellent sailing characteristics. The deck saloon concept combines the living environment with sailing enjoyment on all levels, whilst the outside can be enjoyed even from below deck. The panoramic window of the spacious saloon offers a 360 degree view while sailing and a light-flooded living space in all areas of the yacht.

Due to the slim fuselage shape, the Imexus 37 DS dives smoothly into the wave and can prove its well sailing quality. The theoretical hull speed of 7,8 knots can be achieved regularly, even with a gentle breeze. Already with a wind force of merely 3 Beaufort the boat scores 5,7 knots. For an easy handling all halyards and hauls are directed to the cockpit, to sail the Imexus 37 DS fast and conveniently also with a small crew. Altogether the boat sails very stable and with a finely controllable behaviour.

The engine (28 – 55 HP) makes it possible to be independent of weather conditions and to travel long distances very quickly in case of bad weather. Even 8,2 knots can be achieved with the Imexus 37 DS at full speed, using an 38 HP engine.

The cockpit on board of the Imexus 37 DS is low-lying and large-dimensioned for six to eight people. The boat will be entered either by the integrated swimming platform or by the railing access on starboard and port side. For a better view the helmsman sits on a curved aft bench during sailing. Below the comfortable seats are four large lockers, which serve as stowage for the nautical equipment. The entire deck is covered with easy-care and beautiful Flexi-Teak, thus the elaborate and expensive maintenance of teakwood can be avoided. Moreover the deck saloon prevents splashing water in the cockpit.

On board offers the Imexus 37 DS with its spacious living area, the master cabin as well as two further guest cabins lots of space for six to eight persons. The deck saloon disposes a headroom of 2,30 m that even great people are able to stand upright and conveniently. The comfortable lounge can be converted in two more sleeping places and serves cosy seats for six to eight individuals too. That way friends can be invited to a familiar dinner on board.

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About us

Company details

Imexus Yachts – those are individual, high-quality and modern yachts made in manual manufactory.

Already since 2001, the shipyard – initially known as Odin – has been producing the successful Imexus 28, a powersailer, which combines the characteristics of a powerful sailing boat with those of a motorboat. Over the years, the shipyard has increased its portfolio with the luxury and classic deck saloon yachts Imexus 34 DS and Imexus 37 DS, as well as the small and stylish motorboat Imexus 14.

All products of Imexus Yachts are made in pure handwork to always guarantee the best quality for each boat. Our well educated staff produces the moulds in hand lay-up and fits them out in unmistakeable passion for detail. Skilled carpenters and upholsterer design every Imexus according to its owner’s preferences, with only the most modern and valuable materials.

To achieve comfort and well-being on every Imexus, the owner can choose from many different equipment variants. That way each customer is free to select from many different materials and colours for the upholstery, the wood or the hull. Furthermore we are always open for the special desires of our clients.

Every Imexus built in our shipyard is subject to strict quality control. Different experts monitor every individual work step in order to avoid potential errors from the outset. And if, nevertheless, a problem may occur, our service team will be on site shortly to fix it. No boat leaves the shipyard without a final inspection.

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