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Product category: Motorboat Charter


Discovery Motor cruiser
Only 1.85 metres above water and suitable for 4 persons, the Discovery Motor Cruiser is the answer to the wish of many watersport lovers who would rather sail over the small rivers than the big canals and love to see sights of historical cities such as Hindeloopen and Harlingen and the National Park in Friesland and Overijssel. But the same lovers would for example also want to go safely over the IJsselmeer, the IJssel and the Wadden Sea with the enjoyment and comfort just like home. This is why the ‘Discovery’ was developed. It offers comfort and the sailing characteristics of a luxury yacht and the possibilities of a sturdy sloop. No bridge is too low for this ship which is based on the classic lines. This is why the Dutch water world is much bigger. You will discover with the Discovery the hidden treasures of the Netherlands.

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Product category: Sailingboat Charter


Exceptionally low-priced two-in-one (family) holiday with two days’ free sailing instructions!

Type of holiday: 
Tons of people wish that they could sail. But learning how to sail takes a lot of time, which many people find too demanding. For that reason the Frisian Bureau for Tourism Friesland Holland developed a mini sailing course on a 4-person Red Fox 22 sailing yacht. The lessons run over two days and are given by an experienced yachtsman. Afterwards you will sail by yourself for five days through the Frisian waterland, known for its rich variety. For six nights you will stay in the attractive four-star hotel Amicitia in ‘Eleven Cities’ Sneek, a town very much worth seeing. You will arrive on a Sunday and depart from the hotel on Saturday morning, but both the day of arrival and departure you will have the Fox sailboat at your disposal.

This sailing instruction method focuses purely on practice. You, the booker of this package and your fellow travellers, will sail the boat from its mooring place in the marina, raise the sails from the very first moment and feel the sensation of how the boat with the wind in its sails picks up speed and heads into a certain line, or course. You’ll learn all this under supervision and with directions from the accompanying instructor, of course. The instructor will also teach you how to moor the boat as well as how to manoeuvre the boat under a bridge or through a lock. The most important traffic rules on the water will be shared with you, which generally are logical rules that speak for themselves.

The Red Fox 22 reserved for you is yours to explore for seven days and is moored in the luxury marina of Ottenhome Heeg, only ten kilometres from the hotel. Heeg is internationally famous as an utterly charming watersport village at the Heegermeer with many sailing routes without bridges or locks, but with numerous restaurants with terraces at the water, small beaches and islands.

With the easily sailable Fox, for which you do not need a sailing licence, gives you the opportunity to explore the holiday region the Frisian Lakes via several sailing routes to numerous attractions, many of which are also for children!

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Product category: Travel Organisers / Agents


• Interesting for republicans and monarchists
• Hotels in Earnewâld & Heerenveen 
• Overnight stay + breakfast + dinners

Follow the trail of the Oranje Nassaus in Friesland!
The Frisii had no idea how their unorganized region, existing of many Frisian strains would develop when they made a pack with the Romans in 12 before Christ. It was the end of the Frisian freedom in 1498, and also the end of the governmental chaos: The German duke Albrecht von Sachsen had been appointed by king Maximiliaan and became hereditary ruler of Friesland. 

The Frisian Nassaus were in control from 1587 to 1747. They were the descendants of Jan de Oude van Nassau-Diez, a brother of freedom fighter Willem van Oranje. You will find a statue of the most popular ‘Oranje’ governor, Willem Lodewijk (1560-1620), a cousin of Willem van Oranje, in front of one of the palaces of Leeuwarden. The Frisian call it ‘’Us Heit’’ (our father).

You will know a lot more about the Oranje Nassaus in Friesland and you are able to follow their trails in the province by booking this package. You will have two overnight stays, one in hotel Princenhof in Earnewâld (National park de Alde Feanen) and one overnight stay in Hajé Hotel Heerenveen. In here, Monarchist and republicans enjoy top hotelier underneath one roof. You will receive a map filled with information and the tips which have been described underneath, so you are able to prepare your trip at home already.

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Friesland Holland Travel Service BV exclusively provides holiday options that have been developed and tested by the organization itself. On offer are unique, mainly all-in package deals combined with comprehensive and pretty much essential support services seven days a week. This approach minimizes the risk of unpleasant surprises during your stay. An example is speedy help for cyclists and skippers with bike or boat troubles. Another defining characteristic of our organization is the extensive background information we offer: detailed descriptions of the holiday itself and available facilities, personalized advice and an information package delivered to your home after booking.

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