Dunbar Rock INV, SA Villa on Dunbar Rock Cabanas on Clark`s Cay, Guanaja

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The Villa on Dunbar Rock is one of the Caribbean’s most unique dive resorts; truly one of a kind. This beautiful historical landmark was once used as a mooring for the famous pirate Blackbeard. Local legend has it that there is buried treasure on the island. When the original owner was constructing the villas, he discovered a hidden cave on the island. He found many pieces of pre-Colombian pottery, but sadly no treasure. But he started construction on what would soon become a new jewel in the Caribbean.

The current ownership has added even more sparkle to this jewel, and more important, more sparkle in the eyes of the local people.  Fiercely committed to “giving back” to the people of Guanaja, the team has established, with the assistance of a great number of supporters, Guanaja’s first Library and Learning Center in Bonacca that has been stocked with over 10,000 books donated by guests from the Villa.

For information on how you can further support the library effort, as well as initiatives that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the lives of the children and families in our community, please visit our Pack For A Purpose page.

In March 8, 2016, Guanaja’s first hyperbaric chamber and clinic (Clinica Hiperbarica) opened made possible through a grant from DAN and the generous contributions from the owner of Dunbar Rock and a close associate.

Through the combined efforts of many people and agencies, the municipal government can now operate and offer Hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only to the people of Guanaja, but those of the Bay Islands and the nearby Honduran mainland coast as well. Equally important is the positive impact knowledge of an accessible chamber will have in promoting dive tourism to the island from around the world.

Over the past several years, the team began reestablishing the mooring ball system at known dive sites and adding additional moorings at new sites throughout the national park system.  Over 50 dives sites have now been set up on the mooring system to help protect the reefs.

Further commitment to supporting the island is evidenced by the all-Guajanian staff under the leadership of General Manager Denis Midence, who has been with the Villa since the late 1990’s, and Operations Manager Jenny Izaguirre, who joined the team in September 2017.

Denis and Jenny are assisted in the water and on “The Rock” by Raynel leading the dive crew, Tarsis in Reception, Chef Arnold in the kitchen and Jacqueline in guest services.  They in turn are supported by other key, hard working, warm and welcoming team members, several of whom split their time between the Villa and our nearby sister-property, Cabañas on Clark’s Cay.

All of our staff, from those who have been with us since the first concrete block was laid to those who are new to the team are committed to going above and beyond. They make sure each and every guest is treated like they are our only guest, and leaves feeling like they have had the vacation of a lifetime.

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