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Mysteriously borderline
In times past, it was a hiding place for smugglers and Buckriders. Nowadays, it is a habitat for several species of dragonflies, like the common blue damselfly, the broad-bodied chaser or the four-spotted chaser. The ‘GrensPark Kempen~Broek’ is a unique area with a lot to offer.

It is a natural talent, with an unlimited versatility

You can discover the ‘GrensPark Kempen~Broek’ in various ways: on foot, by bike, by mountain bike, on horseback or by horse and carriage. It is the ideal place to experience space or to hear silence.

This website will offer you a virtual tour through this lovely area and, hopefully, inspire you to come visit us in person.

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National Park ‘Hoge Kempen’

Nature in all its glory

The ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park, nature in all its glory!

Extensive pine forests alternate with purple flowering heather, large expanses of water create lakes where sand and gravel have been extracted, the highest ‘peaks’ in the park, over 100 meters high, offer breath-taking views over the region…

The National Park is home to a wide range of rare and unique animals. An encounter with a deer is not unusual and butterflies like the swallowtail butterfly brighten up the summer. Some unusual residents are the smooth snake, the antlion and the European beewolf.

Everyone is welcome, to go hiking or cycling, to relax and to just enjoy the environment, free of the worries of our daily lives.

There are not many places that are more enchanting than the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park.

Impressed? Visit the National Park and follow in the footsteps of nature.

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The Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland is situated in the North-Eastern region of Limburg, Belgium. This vast area of enchanting heather in the National Park ‘Hoge Kempen’, mysterious swamps in ‘Kempen~Broek’, and the impressive river Meuse in the ‘Maasvallei’, will let you admire Flanders largest woodland and nature reserve at its best.

Well-marked walking and cycling paths guide you on your way through this unique area.

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