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Via antica Arischia 185P, 67100 L'Aquila
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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


Mini Diver
This course is addressed to childrens up to 12 year age for approaching them to diving. There is no certification card, but a diploma for all childrens.

Snorkeling diver
This course is addressed to anybody who simply wants to observe sea life from the surface, using snorkeling equipment.

Skin diver
This course is a useful passage to scuba courses for divers aimed to improve aquatic skills. 

Introductory SCUBA
This course consists in a minimal scuba course, followed by a first dive experience

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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


Scuba diver
This course enables to dive up to 12 metres under the direct supervision of a certified assistant. After certification the student can complete the IDEA open water diver course and obtain this certification also.

Open water diver 
This course enables to dive up to 18 metres, with a buddy of same or higher certification. The diving conditions must be the same as for training. In different surroundings he must be accompanied by an instructor or divemaster as long as he gets experience.
Minimum age 15 years old for Open Water Diver certification. Student students aged 12 to 14 will be certified Junior Diver, this certification must be converted into Open Water Diver certification at 15 year age, after a new open water exam.

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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


Advanced open water diver 
This course is based on theory and practise and introduce to the most important specialties. The IDEA advanced OWD can dive,with a buddy of same or higher certification, in situations similar to those of the course. The maximum depth allowed is 30 meters.

Advanced open water diver plus
This certification may be given to a IDEA Advanced OWD, certified in Dive Medic, Rescue Diver and Deep Diver also, with at least 50 certified dives. Because this is an exclusive specialty qualification, all student's certifications must have been issued by IDEA or WDA. This certification is a validation of an existing qualification, so not only the instructor can require it, but also the student can apply for obtain the Advanced Open Water Plus certification card. 

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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


IDEA specialty courses are designed for practical purposes with the same conditions as experimented in the courses, always together with a buddy of same or higher certification. Not-diver certifications enable to effect activities as designed in the courses only.

Specialties opened to not diver also: Dive Medic & Oxygen Provider (first aid, CPR and oxygen use in diving accidents), Dive safety assistant, Equipment specialist.
Basic specialties: Marine biology, Digital photosub, Videosub, Boat diving, Nitrox Diver Dry Suit.
Advanced specialties: Advanced Search and Recovery, Current Water Diver, Deep Diver, Limited Visibility Diver, Night Diver, Rescue Diver, Search & Recovery, Wreck Diver and other courses.

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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


1 star diver
After at least two 25 meters dives experience with a IDEA instructor, it is possible for an Open Water Diver to get this certification, that extends the range of granted dives up to 25 mts, with a buddy of same or higher certification.

2 stars diver
This certification is given to an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent certification, who has made with a IDEA instructor at least two dives, the first at 35 meters and the second at 40 meters. The certified diver is enabled to make dives up to 35 meters with a buddy of same or higher certification and up to 40 meters supervised by a divemaster or instructor.  

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Product category: Diving (Associations / Clubs)


This course admits students certified by IDEA Advanced OWD, Dive Medic & Oxygen provider, Rescue Diver and Deep Diver, or similar certifications given by a recognised training organizations. Training is theoretical and practical, to increase knowledge and understanding of the underwater environment. Students are also taught various techniques to manage and control dives.

Assistant instructor
In this course a Divemaster will be trained in methodologhy and teaching metods. Upon successful completion of the training, the candidate will be able to teach the introductory courses and to assist an instructor, teaching parts of the OWD course, under direct supervision.

Click here to read more about instructor course and crossover.

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About us

Company portrait

WDA is the evolution of IDEA Europe, which began its activity in Italy in 1992 under the name of IDEA Italy, as being the Italian delegation of the International Diving Educators Association (IDEA).

IDEA is the oldest underwater training organization, founded in the United States in 1952, under the name of FSDA (Florida skin diver association).

In 1995 IDEA Italy started an international expansion and became IDEA Europe, spreading out in whole European continent and started to develop its own training system and teaching products, as well as to register and print its own certifications.
The growth of IDEA Europe was quite rapid. In a short time regional offices in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Austria were opened. Then started a fast expansion to other territories close to Europe, such as Egypt, Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates.

During the past years IDEA Europe joined to RSTC Europe and consequently to WRSTC. It participated in the establishment of the delegation of RSTC Europe in Italy (ADISUB), joined the RSTC Europe delegation in Spain (ABRE) and obtained official recognition in Italy, Spain, Egypt and in other nations.