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Waterproof Diving GmbH

Postfach 19 08, 68509 Altenthann
Weiherhausweg 6, 93177 Altenthann
Telephone +49 6204 740872
Fax +49 6204 911071

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Our products

Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets, Diving Accessories, Diving Fashion


The D70 SC concept was developed after numerous demands from dive schools, instructors and resorts for a durable, yet economical, drysuit for rental and training.
Simply a 3,5mm neoprene durable basic drysuit, yet also as a suitable choice for the beginner as a step-in model into the world of drysuit diving.
We used our three decades of diving experience in the Antarctic & Arctic to find the needed compromise, not in quality, but in technical appearance and design features.

  • 100% Microcell CR neoprene – More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that really works for diving. Excellent durability and insulation.
  • Warmneck – The unique warm neck solution from Waterproof.
  • Latex wrist seals – Flexibility to use any mfg´s ring system with extra durability.
  • Anatomical sculpting – With 3D sculpted arms and legs the suit provides an anatomical fit designed for human movement.
  • Latex seals – Latex seals at wrists and neck.
  • A seat that grips – Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.
  • Zipper cover – Provides protection of your dry zipper.
  • Seam-free crotch – There are no seams in the crotch area or under the arms, where any wrinkling can cause wear.
  • PU knee pads – Polyurethane knee guars provide hardcore protection without compromising comfort and flexibility.
  • Chill guard – Keeps your body heat in and your undergarment out of the zipper for free operation.
  • Reinforced soft boot – The boots are extended in the rear calf area, which facilitates an easy step in.

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Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets, Diving Accessories, Diving Fashion


At times we are told that our suits are too warm and excessively well-built. We are willing to live with that kind of criticism. To address the fact that our standard suits are considered too warm under certain circumstances, we devised a clever solution. We recommend that you buy a thinner suit – preferably the W30 Sport Series from Waterproof.

To keep the professional divers happy, the Waterproof W30 2.5mm full-suit features a unique and clever gadget, the WPAD™. The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip to accommodate a full line of new accessories, like pockets, lamps and speargun holders.

As a disclaimer we must confess that the W30, unfortunately, suffers from the same ailments as our standard collection, it looks smart and it is well constructed, the fit is excellent and it is probably too warm and comfortable as well. Unfortunately, we can’t help but produce our suits this way.

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Product category: Diving Accessories, Diving Fashion


During our numerous polar trips, we learned that divers underestimate the heat loss under extreme conditions. Also, new technology allows divers to make longer dives and with this, the hypothermia factor enters the equation. Waterproof looked into this and created a series of accessories we tagged as ”Polar Evoluted”, The H1 5/10mm hood features a 10mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glide skin seals for the neck and face. Waterproof H1 5/10mm includes the unique HAVS (Hood Air Venting System) which uses one-way valves to vent annoying air buildup in the hood.

  • 3D Shaped
  • Glide skin seal
  • HAVS system (Hood Air Venting System)
  • I-Span super-stretch nylon
  • Bonded hi-quality nylon thread

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About us

Company portrait

We are all sentient beings, filled with passion, on different paths through life. What we all share are two worlds: the one that lies above and the one beneath the surface of our oceans. Our purpose and our mission are to enable you, the diver, to experience the amazing underwater world that covers more than seventy per cent of our planet. The ocean. Our oceans. Because we want you to visit this mysterious and awe-inspiring world. To fall in love with it and respect it. Just like us, #FACINGREALITY.

We are passionate divers – that is how our story begins. Waterproof invites people to share and be a part of this universe. To experience a marine life that comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours – and in all kinds of environments, from tropical waters to the Arctic and all in-between. You choose. We provide.

The story of Waterproof is also the story of its founders, two brothers growing up by the sea on the Swedish west coast. Completely different personalities in most ways but sharing the same purpose: Björn Ehlmé, CEO and the inventive and creative businessman. Göran Ehlmé, Head of R&D and celebrated divemaster, extreme diver and the first to lead diving expeditions to the polar regions as well as an underwater photographer for BBC and National Geographic.

You could say that the Waterproof story began dramatically in the late1960’s; with Göran as a small boy falling from the pier into the sea and is just about to experience this new magic world before being pulled up by his dad and older brother. The rest is history, now including a dedicated development team, multiple awards for best diving suits with production facilities, service stations and retailers worldwide.