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Shenzhen Ruikeda Silicone Mold Products Co., Ltd

Floor 1-3, 101, A8 Building, Xinwei 4th Industry Zone, Matian Street, Guangming, 518107 Shenzhen

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  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.01  Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Our products

Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Full Face Snorkel Mask

This new full face snorkel masks is an universal size design, it’s proposed to fit for almost all is and over 12 years old people. The gasbag design make the mask wear more comfortable and sealed better, a smaller face design make the mask can fit for more people, so usually one family can use the same snorkel mask to diving, snorkeling or swimming.

The soft nose part design make the mask works as an equalizer, the function is ear press balance, as a professional diver, you will find when you dive or scuba deep you will be easy to feel press from water, squeeze your nose, the press will be release and feel much better.

The snorkel mask made from imported liquid silicone and PC materials, it’s 100% nontoxic. the inner tube and one-way valve design made the independent inhale & exhale system, make sure the Co2 content is much lower than other snorkel mask and breath natural, people can dive under water longer time than others but no feeling of uncomfortable.

You can choose different head strap for your mask, the clip joint, the elastic bank and the silicone button type, just use the one which more fit for you.

 All these designs made our snorkel mask be a real full-dry safety snorkel mask, of course, you can have a better experience if add a go pro camera to video what you see in the water.

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Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Adult Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full face snorkel mask is specially designed for adults, it have different size of S/M and L/XL to choose, people can choose the correct size according to their face  The mask materials are imported liquid silicone and PC, they are all 100% nontoxic.

The mask is dry-top design, the breath tube design used the float principle, when the tube in the water, the floating balls float and prevent water get in the breathing at the press of water, when the mask out of water, the ball float and water in the tube coming out . we tested the mask try-top function in different place like the sea, rivers and pools ,shows the function is really good.

The mask is an anti-fog design, the special inhale & exhale system keeping make the fresh air in and the non-fresh air out of the breath tube, so you can fell breath easy for long time when dive under water.

The mask is a wide view design, when snorkel or dive under water, you can have a 180 degree view and find a lot of funs from the radian lens design, the mask can add a go pro mount, you can even put on the action camera to take a video and record all the great things under water.

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Product category: Basic Sets (Fins, Masks, Snorkels)

Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full face snorkel mask is specially designed for kids, the materials are imported liquid silicone and PC and 100% nontoxic, and it’s anti-corrosion. We call the size XS, it is light weight.

The mask is one-piece design and the only one of this design, the PC part and silicone part combined by the double injection technology,  it sealed better and looks more high end, compared with others, all the other snorkel mask are assembly type, when snorkel under water, the PC parts and silicone are very easy to separate by water press and then water in, this experience is very bad and not safe under water.

You can see our mask added the earplug design, this is also an unique design which can prevent the big press from water to make people feel uncomfortable when use the snorkel mask dive under water. when you use the mask you can put the earplugs into your ears, when you don't need to use you can hold the earplugs in the exact design position.

The radian lens design make sure kids can have a wide view after wear the mask and can see more interesting things in the water, the mask have a go pro mount, so you can add the action camera to video what you see and enjoy the happy time.

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Our products have sold to more than 30 countries all over the world, including North America, Europe and Asia. Now have sold in big retail outlets like Wal-mart and Costco.

On Amazon Germany, our products is the bestseller, on Amazon USA and UK, our products sales are in the front rank.