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Easydive di Fabio Benvenuti

Via dell'Industria, 13 int. 6, 48015 Cervia (RA)
Telephone +39 0544 962923

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Our products

Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Leo3 Plus

After 8 years of developing the Leo1 & Leo2 housing series, continuous researches and electronics implementation, we believed it was time to approach the international market through a brand new.
Finally also top-class cameras have their universal housing!

• Remote software upgrades: whenever the customer wishes to change his camera, or add a new one, he shouldn't send us the housing or the electronic control unit like before. He'll simply have to buy on-line, or through e-mail, the appropriate software upgrade and, after copying the file to the usb pendrive included into the optional programming kit, connect to leo3, switch it on and the upgrade will perform automatically. Easydive will deliver by special courier the appropriate tray for the new camera. In this way, both cameras can be used by simply changing tray
• Ergonomic handles completely re-designed: several prototypes have been realized and tried so that the new handles could better mirror the camera’s handling. Through the new design any button is at your fingertip with 4 front trigger commands and 16 rear button commands;
• Body of cast aluminum completely restyled, Leo3 Plus shows several enhancements: e.g., being slightly higher, allows the camera built-in flash to pop up so to better take advantage of the standard double optical fiber connection
• Double standard Nikons 5pins flash connectors: inside, a switch allows selection between different modes: 5 or 3 pins, syncro, 1 or both active connections
• The electronic control unit may be switched on/off underwater, which results in the possibility to take advantage of cameras auto-off. When the electronic control unit is switched off, the camera goes stand-by. To switch it on again, simply light the unit and push the shutter button. That way the camera may be switched on/off as you like;
• ports ring at your choice, which makes leo3 compatible with most ports available on the market, even other brands'. In a nutshell, at the front of the housing the standard leo3 port ring (equipped with a blocking system) may be replaced by the leo2 adapter ring or by other brand's rings upon request. Thanks to this device, nothing changes on the port focal point and therefore no changes to the camera support tray are required
• Visible and audible leak alarm performed by 4 flashing led;
• Predisposed for vacuum system (optional).

Naturally, the new housing has inherited the enormous benefits of all the Leo series housings:
• Robust: thanks to the double sealing o-rings and to the wet contact magnetic buttons which aren't subject to hydrostatic pressure, Leo 3 Plus is the only housing operational at -150m
• Universal: thanks to the electronic recognition Leo3 Plus is the only housing able to handle over 50 Nikon and Canon camera models
• Easy to handle: thanks to its volume Leo3 Plus is almost neutral underwater and therefore one of the easiest housing to handle
• Direct dealing: the only housing on sale from manufacturers to consumers for the best after-sales service
• Simplicity: the only housing allowing changes on shutter speed and apertures without looking away from the eyepiece
• the only one Lifetime warranty!

Please Note: all standard functions are listed in the compatibility file downloadable at the top of the page.
Custom functions may be implemented upon request. Ports sold separately

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography


Divepad is the world's first UNIVERSAL underwater housing for iOS and Android tablets (protected by International Patents).

Compatible with all iOS and Android tablets with up to 10 "diagonal screen size.

With iOS tablets (iPad) the housing allows you to use all the advanced features of the camera by downloading the Divepad App from the App Store.

With Android tablets, the control unit enters into keyboard mode and allows you to use different applications of our tablet, and all the advanced photo / video features.The housing is made from a solid block of anticorodal aluminum, processed by numerically controlled milling cutters, and subsequently anodized for maximum resistance over time against wear and saltiness.

Robustness and ease of use have been put at the center of the design process.

The watertight seal is guaranteed by a double O-ring on the back and by 8 stainless steel lever latches.

Internally, a double adjustable caliper support has been designed, which allows you to fix your tablet firmly and quickly. On the right side there is a 6Ah power bank that allows additional autonomy to your tablet.

The tablet is controlled by the electronics inside the case: once the Bluetooth is switched on, the connection is automatically activated by pressing the power button. The buttons equipped with optical sensors enabled us to eliminate physical keys.

The electronic board is equipped with an internal battery that provides autonomy of about 14 hours and that is recharged via a USB-C connector in about 30 minutes.

Further Details

Compatible with iPad iOS up to 10 "and with all Android tablet up to 10"

The tablet communicates with the housing via a Bluetooth connection. All you need is the application downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.

New button panel with optical sensors, which allows you to control your tablet without the presence of physical buttons. Just cover the sensor with your finger to send the command. Use of gloves facilitates operations.

Inside the housing there is a double adjustable caliper support that allows you to block different models of iPads or Android tablets of different sizes.

Ability to use the full potential of the camera (time adjustment, ISO, HDR, White Balance, Auto or Manual Focus).

Ability to switch from Photo mode to Video mode simply by pressing a button.

"Selfie" function, allows you to use the front camera of the tablet.

Finally you can take great pictures in the foreground, looking directly into the display, or recording a video in which the user becomes the protagonist.

• The high-definition display and the considerable size of the new tablet allow an incredible control of the framing during diving.

• Made from a solid block of aluminum.

• Compatible with Vacuum System and hydrophones.

• The housing is guaranteed up to 60 meters deep.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Atlantis Mini 4K

The evolution continues! Now you can even use the new Sony 4K camera in the Atlantis Mini housing.

This version is already configured with a spherical ports (to keep the angle of the lens), with Lanc control panel (dx) for standard control of the camera, with IR control panel (sx) for advanced camera control (Version PRO), and the monitor Easyvision.
New Atlantis Mini has a new anodizing military-style 40 micron black, a flat port removable front that through the threads located on the front flange allows the use of any optical Easydive. It can then be mounted outside the ports plan is Easywide that Easymacro, but also the amazing new optical Superwide Pro HD.
Installed In the new Atlantis one piece of zinc to avoid problems with occasional galvanic currents., a video output for the surface and a second control panel for managing the video controls.

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Product category: Lighting / Underwater Video / Photography

Flash Sea&Sea YS-D2 J

The new YS-D2 J flash offers unique enhancements with brand new features.
The rear panel now offers bright controls for easy waterproof reading of the settings and a quick confirmation of how you are in it.

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About us

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Easydive was founded in 2000, for the passion for underwater and underwater videography. Since then we try continuously to develop innovative and simple equipment, very strong, reliable and readapted over time. Our ambitious choice was to sell only directly without intermediaries, making available our experience, to guide the customer to the best choice for him. Right now we are the official suppliers of COMSUBIN (The Italian Underwater Navy Raiders), the Underwater Corps of the Police, the Fire Brigade, the Port Authority, the Carabinieri and many other professionals in this trade. Why choose Easydive? Because we love our work, from direct assistance to the construction of our housings. We are sure you will not regret it! Fabio Benvenuti