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Swallow Yachts Ltd.

Gwbert Road, SA43 1PN Cardigan
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

BayRaider 20

This boat is ideal for families or individuals looking for something stable and safe (ballast tank full) or light and fast (tank empty). She really is two boats for the price of one! The BayRaider is extremely versatile. She is not just a tough, fast Raid boat, the water ballast makes her suitable for a wide range of conditions and levels of crew experience. Surprisingly, perhaps, she is an ideal boat for beginners as, with ballast tanks full, she is stable, forgiving and very hard to capsize.

In fact, with the ballast tanks full she will self right from a 90 degree knockdown and thanks to her sealed hollow mast and asymmetric capsize buoyancy, she can easily be recovered from a full inversion.

As your crew gain experience, leave the ballast tank empty (or empty it on the move) and you transform her into something approaching a racing dinghy.

Add toe straps and her wide side decks provide seating for hiking out to maximise her performance, with the potential to semi plane and surf in the right conditions. Flying the asymmetric spinnaker further boosts performance for the experienced sailor. The BayRaider is a two masted ketch and has the huge advantage over a single mast rig of allowing a quick and massive reduction of sail. Dropping the mainsail completely takes only moments, leaving her well balanced, very stable and able to tolerate virtually any weather – even making to windward under jib and mizzen alone. The outboard motor (2hp -4hp gives 6 knots) does not hang obtrusively over the transom but is housed in a well at the rear of the large cockpit, for easy access. When sailing the motor can be tilted out of the water, the well being sealed with shutters, eliminating drag.
Unusually for an open boat she has a self draining cockpit, which again is of huge benefit to safety.

In a swamping or knockdown situation there is no need for bailing, leaving the skipper free to concentrate on the situation in hand.

The optional spray hood gives shelter, if required, for the crew while sailing and, once moored up a secluded creek, is used with the boat tent and camping accessories to make you comfortably independent of civilization for a few days. A change of scene is no problem as she can easily be towed short or long distances behind a family car. (Brittany, Spain, South of France, Italy, and Greece have all been visited by UK-based Swallow Yachts.) She can be fully rigged on the trailer in less than 10mins (!), launched and recovered, single handed, without getting the wheel hubs wet. At only 330kg in wood/epoxy or 500kg in GRP, the BayRaider is light enough on her trailer to be easily manhandled by one person around a dinghy park – or tucked into a safe spot in a hotel car park when on your travels!

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)


The COAST 250 is the first in a new range of contemporary craft from Swallow Yachts that combine first class sailing performance with a range of powerful engine options. Owners can enjoy not only the benefits of sailing in a modern performance yacht, but also the wonderful flexibility of a craft that can motor quickly too. The COAST 250 was nominated for the prestigious 2019 European Yacht Of The Year award.

Could this be your Dream Boat?
  • A pure sailboat design drawing together the best of modern technology to create a no-compromise sailing machine.
  • Motoring at speeds around 15 knots. Having this sort of motoring capability changes everything, from tidal passage planning, staying safe, or simply getting home more quickly.
  • Spacious accommodation. She has four full length berths (five if you don’t have the fridge), an enclosed head and a unique space saving galley. Simply put, she has comfort and practicality way beyond her size.
  • The COAST 250 is trailerable too. You may only use the trailer for winter storage, but it opens up all of Europe’s finest cruising grounds and with the help of our owner’s association, you can share knowledge about all the best slipways and deals.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

The BayCruiser 20

The BayCruiser 20 is a cabin boat design, for those who enjoy the performance of our Raider boats but want the comfort and convenience of a permanent shelter.

The boat has been loosely based on the BayRaider 20, with the key design requirements of performance and safety. She has more beam and higher freeboard than the open boat but retains the same classical styling.

The design evolution
The initial idea was to simply fit a cabin to our 6m BayRaider hull but we quickly found it would be difficult to disguise the high cabin needed for sitting headroom inside. We were also worried about the additional top weight creating stability issues unless we also brought out the beam to support it. The outcome has been a new hull design that creates much more interior volume for her length, with increased beam and freeboard.

Water  ballasted for safety, convenience and performance
Like the BayRaider, her most unique feature is her water ballast system. She stores 400kg of water in two tanks, one under the Vee berth, and the other under the cockpit floor. They are both under the waterline so fill under the weight of the boat alone. There is a large capacity bilge pump to pump them dry which can be diverted to pump the cabin bilge dry. Alternatively the boat can be left to drain as you winch her onto her trailer, or just left full on her mooring.

The water ballast means the boat can be extraordinarily easy to tow, launch and recover, and very quick in light winds too. In tougher conditions, or when you just want the security of knowing you have a self righting boat, simply fill the tanks, her weight almost doubles, and the whole character of the boat changes.

Lightweight, but tough
The water ballast works well because the basic boat is so light. Her construction is best described as an epoxy composite. There is extensive use of marine plywood and glass fibre woven fabrics as well as Airex®, a closed cell cross linked polymer foam used as a core material between glass laminates where superior stiffness is needed for minimum weight.
Unlike many builders who take the designers weight estimate for their boats, we actually hang ours from a load cell giving us precise readings during construction and when finished. The first BayCruiser 20 came in at 451kg – 1 kg over weight. Together with a 200kg trailer there is an additional 100kg margin before a braked trailer is needed, assuming an estate car or similar. This is very handy because although she can be launched without getting the hubs wet (see the video) brakes always become a maintenance problem that you can do without. They also cost significantly more – our trailer for the BayCruiser 20 costs just £1200 plus VAT – something to consider when comparing against the competition.

Why the ketch rig?
The ketch rig was chosen for the same reason as that on the BayRaider: in heavy weather the main can be dropped quickly to form a well balanced and snug rig that is still large enough to drive the boat to windward. Unlike the BayRaider though, the BayCruiser 20 comes with a one piece carbon mast as standard and conventional boom. A gunter rig can be difficult to manage on a boat like this as when lowered you have a difficult problem in storing a 14ft top mast. In the open BayRaider it just lies on the floor. The conventional boom has been chosen for easy reefing when access to the base of the mast as not as easy as on an open boat. All ropes, including reefing, can be attended to without leaving the cockpit. As with all element of this boat, there is room for a large degree of customisation and if you have rig preferences, then please come and discuss them with us.

The cockpit
The cockpit has comfortably angled coamings giving great back support and a feeling of safety while the seats on either side have been spaced for good bracing when heeled.

An optional spray hood covers half the cockpit enabling the helmsman and crew to shelter from foul weather while at the tiller. It also keeps rain out of the cabin when the companionway is open. Although owner number 1 only uses a Suzuki 2.5hp outboard, there is room for up to 6hp, possibly more in the centerline well, which importantly allows the engine to kick up fully for better sailing performance. While an inboard could technically be fitted, we feel that it is not really in keeping with the character of this boat and would be more suited to her 23ft sister (more details soon). Even the smallest diesel inboard will add 100kg of weight and at least £8,000 in cost. By contrast a 6hp outboard weighs 25kg, costs about £1000 and can be removed each winter for any essential maintenance. The prop doesn’t drag in the water and it doesn’t need deep water to launch (as inboard engined boats do).

Up in the bows there is a large anchor locker accessible from the deck, with an additional headsail locker next to it. A large Sampson post between the two gives a strong point for mooring. The raised hull sides (bulwarks) give a feeling of security on the foredeck and it is a comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by.

In the cabin
Down below the standard layout is a large vee berth forward and a quarter berth on the port side. A galley unit sits between the two on the port side while on starboard there is more seating room and a large cockpit locker. The centreboard is disguised with a folding saloon table and there is room for a small chemical toilet under the bridge deck. Storage is underneath the seats and berths, as well as behind back rests. A 40litre drinking water system with hand pump is available as an option, as is cabin lighting and other marine electronics. We can offer a large degree of customisation to the interior layout but modest additional costs may be involved.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Storm 23

The Storm 23 is an elegant, semi-custom built daysailer that offers superb sailing performance and stunning looks, in a refined and easily managed package.

Like many of our range, she features our innovative water ballast system which keeps trailering weight to a minimum and gives great performance potential in light airs. Together with a carbon mast and modern fully battened mainsail she’s a joy to handle on and off the water.

A hull weight of approximately 500kg, coupled with around the same in water, plus crew brings her designed displacement to 1250kg. Twenty square metres of upwind dacron give her a sail area displacement ratio ranging from 16.9 (mid-cruiser) to 23.3 (more racer) depending on whether ballast tanks are full or empty. Similarly her well proven epoxy ply construction method gives an excellent length displacement ratio of between 6 and 7.2 making high speeds in moderate conditions very achievable.

Her coachroof is kept deliberately low to avoid spoiling the lines and is left open backed – the boat does not rely on any enclosed volume within it for large angle stability or buoyancy. A canvas cover pops on under the lip of the roof, and a washboard fits in between the seats to keep the worst of the weather out. Buoyancy is built in at either end under the floor, with extra provided under the cockpit seats. There is well over 2m of usable length in the cabin meaning over nighting is possible but we should be clear that this is not her primary purpose.

The rudder looks short to those used to modern profiles, but her double ended hull shape means it rarely lifts significantly and experience shows it will be more than ample.

A simple line raises it up on a long pintle for launching or sailing in shallow water. The centreboard is mainly housed under the self draining floor, so its length is extended without compromising ergonomics. She draws just 250mm with the board up (less if she is empty) but over 1.6m when down. This gives her blistering upwind performance and if well set up she will point as high as anything else afloat. The rig is a fairly normal bermudan comprising a carbon mast and boom, together with fat head mainsail and roller furling jib. The mast is keel stepped, in the sense that it rests on the self draining cockpit floor, with partners at cabin roof level to improve support and make single handed rigging easier. The mast has no spreaders which keeps the weight and windage down, but it does require a slightly heavier carbon cross section as a result. The fat head main has become a favourite, reducing the total mast length to only 8.2m – just 1.2m longer than the boat so fine for trailering.

The foot of the jib is kept deliberately short, meaning the tack is well aft of the stem head and the roller furler sunk into the anchor locker. This means an asymmetric or code headsail could be flown from the stem head without needing an expensive or vulnerable bowsprit.

The outboard (petrol or electric) is designed to fit under the aft deck, which is slightly longer than would otherwise be needed. Her overall length makes this possible and it is an arrangement that we think will work well. The controls for the engine will protrude through the bulkhead and into the cockpit, and the lid lifts for refuelling or starting. The cockpit drains into the outboard well which is faired off using our standard flap system that has proved itself on so many of our other designs. A separate fuel tank could be carried in the space just aft of the outboard.

The double ended hull form creates minimal resistance in light airs, but in heavy weather, with her long waterline, seaworthy hull and easily reefable rig, she gives a fast, safe and reassuring ride.

A powerful kicking strap means we are able to dispense with a mainsheet traveler, though that is still an option for those happy to forego cockpit space. The lines for trimming all sails lead back to the helmsman, the idea being that crew don’t have to get involved unless they want to.

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About us

Company portrait

Classic Looks, Modern Performance, Innovative Design
Swallow Yachts produce a range of dayboats that combine classic looks with very modern performance. We offer unique, informed advice and a test sail facility that allows you to try a boat before committing. Based in the UK we have shipped boats all over the world and offer a comprehensive shipping service.

Our boats feature
  • Modern hull and rig design for fast efficient sailing
  • Clever features like carbon masts, that make rigging quick and easy.
  • Large cockpits for family or sociable sailing
  • Lifting keels and reinforced bottoms for shoal waters and beaching.
  • Seaworthy hulls for safe and efficient passage making.
  • Charming looks guarantee admiring glances and the envy of your friends.
Bespoke craft
In addition to the production boats shown below, we also offer more bespoke craft, often highly tailored to an owners specific requirements and built using the well proven epoxy ply technique. Some of them are shown under the ‘Bespoke’ menu above, but if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.