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Hutting Yachts Makkum BV

De Stienplaat 3, 8754 HE Makkum

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Tjerk Hutting

Founder - CEO



Margriet Hutting

Marketing & Sales manager



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Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

NEW: Hutting 52 - Hoek Design

Beyond standards. Distinctive in quality, appearance and possibilities. This is where
design follows function, resulting in an ideal cruiser and a timeless beauty: the new
line, Hutting 52.

A synergy between the international award winning naval architects of Hoek Design and the leading craftsmanship of Hutting Yachts yacht builders. Combined forces of Dutch fame.

The characteristics of the ever-popular Hutting yachts, combined with the famous elegance of Hoek Design architects. The new ideal cruiser, created with eye for aesthetics.

Sailing under heel, the extended waterline length will give extra performance. In light winds the yacht will benefit from a small wetted surface and the retractable bowsprit to carry an optional Code 0 or Gennaker. A high aspect jib combined with a large mainsail with an easy reef system to reduce sail area, makes the Hutting 52 an ideal short-handed sailing yacht.

Due to the aft overhang, a spacious and safe cockpit could be designed, a detail not often seen on yachts this size. To offer maximum comfort we created an aerodynamic pilothouse that nicely blends into the deck. Every element is designed with great care to obtain our goal: create a timeless, unique and characteristic sailing yacht.

The journey becomes a destination itself with a custom-built yacht that feels like home. Our work is not a standardized process; the
experienced craftsmen of Hutting Yachts create custom-built interiors, tailored to your demands with unlimited possibilities and unrivaled quality. The interiors made by Hutting Yachts are known for their well considered layouts with the highest standard of safety and quality. Practical and smart details.

You are safe onboard of a Hutting yacht, anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy the value of freedom and the chance to create your own ideal sailing yacht.
Enjoy the value of a yacht for life.

Download the brochure of the custom-built, aluminium sailing yacht: Hutting 52. 

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Hutting 40 - 60 ft Custom-Built Aluminium Sailing Yachts

Hutting yachts are known for their remarkable, timeless and classic lines. For years, the strong seaworthy character has realized sailor-dreams of any kind.

The Iconic Hutting yachts are characterized by carefully considered proportions, clean lines and a classic finish. These features are recognized and appreciated by experienced deep sea sailors.

A stylish S-spant with a moderate width-to-volume ratio of the fore and aft to smoothly move through the water.
The result is a stylish, strong and reliable sailing yacht, which effortlessly endures the challenges of the world’s oceans.

Reliable and outstanding sailing characteristics; the Iconic Hutting yachts are a fine combination of a calm and comfortable way of sailing with a moderate draft.

The naval architect Dick Koopmans Senior, famous for the various long-distance sailing yachts he designed, created a real passagemaker which enlarges your cruising range with safety, comfort and elegance.

A Yacht that has proven its strength and quality. Around the world fifty-two, custom-built Hutting yachts Koopman designs sail around. All reflecting the owners identity and sailing style. This Hutting-line is available as custom-built yacht in the ranges between, 40 and 60 ft.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Custom-Built Aluminium Sailing Yachts any design

We can build anything up to 80ft, with the requirement of quality and craftsmanship at every step. Regardless of whether it concerns sailing yachts, motor yachts or tenders, we employ the same quality standards on which we acquired our reputation.

45 years of experience in building luxury yachts, has made us very experienced with project management as well as with providing customized products. Our reputation demonstrates our skillsset: ‘Hutting-built’ yachts are world renowned.

We will be the beginning of the realization of your ultimate yacht. As a yard, we are part of a first rate network, which consists of naval architects, aluminum and composite builders, electricians, riggers, sailmakers, delivery services, and all other specialists required in the creation of a yacht.

Starting with a preliminary design, our technical building expertise allows us to support you in
the process. We gladly share our knowledge and experience, compose the building specifications, and calculate the building costs.
Hutting Yachts is skilled in every aspect. In realizing your ideal design, you can expect an efficient, all inclusive service that maintains high standards.

We challenge you to share your ideal yacht with us.
It is our mission to go beyond it.

Discover more on our website.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail), Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Hutting 54 Polaris Explorer Sailing Yacht

A Yacht of Extremes 
A custom-built sailing yacht, tailored to the specific wishes of the customers: 

The Hutting 54 ‘Polaris’ is a custom-made Hutting yacht, specially designed for even the most extreme sail destinations of the
owners. Freezing the yacht in the ice off the coast of Greenland for months was just one of the dreams they have realized.

For many years in a row, the owners have traveled with their Hutting 54 Polaris into areas as Disko bay in Greenland, the Newfoundland waters off the coast of Canada, the Icelandic waters as well as the total opposite: the Caribbean.

For this reason, extra features are added to both the interior and the exterior to make the sailing in extreme and various climate
conditions as safe and comfortable as possible.

Everything has been thought of to guarantee ultimate freedom. No limitations, worries or change of plans; boundless, to go beyond the most extreme sail adventures.

To ensure maximum safety and comfort, the Hutting 54-Polaris has many special features. With its extra thick Alustar
aluminium hull, 70mm melamine-foam isolation material and many extra, smart storage capacity for food, water and fuel,
the yacht is well-prepared for the ice. A reliable multi-way heating system, with a triple back up power source ensures comfortable conditions even at -40°C. Whereas the light and open interior of the Polaris brings you close to the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

“Polaris has a huge open and airy raised salon, but note that the layout is carefully designed so there are no dangerous wide
open areas to be thrown across at sea; something so common on production boats.”—J. Harris,

The Polaris is seen by professionals as a perfect example of a long distance cruiser for the Arctic’s. Get inspired and discover
more about this exceptionally explorer sailing yacht at our website.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail), Yacht Brokers, Boat Dealers / Second Hand Boats, Second Hand Boat Markets

For Sale: used Aluminium sailing yacht: Hutting 45 'Maria Angela'

The Hutting 45 ‘Maria Angela’ has proven itself several times as the ultimate and ideal sailing yacht for long sailing trips around the world. The sailing yacht has completed several ocean crossings to Patagonia, Cape horn e.o. The yacht did so without encountering any problems and with an amazing sense of safety, seaworthiness and comfort, even during harsh conditions.
The interior is thoughtfully designed to offer maximum comfort and safety at sea. Furthermore, the yacht has 3 cabins and 6 fixed berths and offers a generous amount of storage.
In 2008 the aluminium sailing yacht was built with careful consideration, utilizing the highest quality materials and products available. After several long term sailing-trips, the Hutting 45 underwent a major maintenance check in 2017 during which various essential parts have been renewed such as:  the main sail, navigation equipment, all interior light (led), a new flat screen TV etc.
The Hutting 45 “Maria Angela” can be viewed from mid-September at our shipyard in Makkum, because the sailing yacht is currently in Spain where a viewing can be scheduled by appointment. 
This used aluminum 45 ft sailing yacht is in an excellent condition and a sailing yacht for life; to realize even the wildest sailing dreams.
For more information and the specifications you can contact us via or +31615169789 or check our website. 

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Product category: Boat Dealers / Second Hand Boats, Second Hand Boat Markets

For Sale: Aluminium sailing yacht Hutting 48 'Delight'

Elegant and the ideal long-distance cruiser; that is the Hutting 48 ‘Delight’. The aluminium sailing yacht was built in 2001 with great care and attention for aesthetics. Only the best materials are used in combination with superior craftsmanship. It presents with a smart, carefully considered interior layout, which guarantees you maximum comfort during long sailing trips.

The sailing yacht has 3 cabins that offer a total of 6 berths. After having sailed in Scandinavia for many years, the yacht arrived back in the shipyard in the summer of 2019. Here it had major maintenance on the  exterior. This is a sailing yacht of timeless beauty and design.

Overall, it is a remarkable Hutting sailing yacht in a very good condition, ready for immediate new sailing adventures. The yacht can be visited in Makkum, the Netherlands.  

For more information please visit our website, or contact us:, +316 15169789. 

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Product category: Repair Services / Refitting


We have a 27 meter dedicated spray booth to deliver first class paint jobs to COT standards. Combined with our passion for perfection, gives you the guarantee that your yacht is launched with the best paint finish. The interior of your yacht can also be varnished or painted. Please call or e-mail us to discuss our endless possibilites. 
We are used to perform the extraordinary. 

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Product category: Repair Services / Refitting

Refit interior and exterior

Hutting Yachts offers refits of any size and can make your yacht look new again. If you want to prepare your yacht for a planned sailing trip, or if you desire a valuable sale, Hutting Yachts is also the right place for you.

With our custom- built characteristics and all the required facilities in one location, every refit will increase the value of your yacht. Regardless of whether it is a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, and no matter its origin, we guarantee the renowned ‘Hutting quality’.
We assure that you are involved in both the design composition and the preparation of the estimate. We aim to combine the yachts value with your personal wishes.
Our passion for yacht building is reflected in the products Hutting Yacht delivers, which always carries our mark of excellence. For instance, before using the FSC qualified teakwood, we let it dry for several years. Besides we are exclusively working with a specialized team of professionals: Hutting Yachts represents quality.

If properly maintained, a teak deck exudes class and quality and provides excellent insulation
for your yacht. After many years of use, your teak deck will have to be replaced. Hutting Yachts
has more than 40 years of experience in laying teak decks; it is one of our specialisms.

We only work with the best quality and only FSC certified teakwood. This in combination with our
craftsmanship and expertise we guarantee you a teak-deck that will last longer than you expect and will be remarkable for its quality.

Check out the various projects in our portfolio. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities: or just give us a call: +316 1516 9789

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Hutting Harbor & Winterstorage

Please be welcome at our harbor, where you can enjoy the peaceful area of Makkum. It is Just one mile from the passage to
the Waddensea. We offer you all facilities you need as well as technical support on demand.

During the winter period, we offer a heated winterstorage. This will include the whole package: we will take out your yacht,
clean and inspect the hull before we put it on a ship-cradle. After dismantling the mast and the furlers, everything will be stored dry, safe and clean. By use of a contrast-liquid test we can perform a visual inspection of the running rigging. When springs is about to start, we arrange the launch back into the water, the full rigging and we test the system and electronics. This is all to make sure your yacht is ready for a new season again.

Contact us for more information and to direclty check the availability: or call: +316 1516 9789

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About us

Company portrait

We offer: Construction of Aluminium Custom-Built Sailing Yachts. One-off Projects of any design, our New Design in cooperation with Hoek Design Naval Architecs: Hutting 52, or our Iconic Hutting Line designed by Koopmans.

High-Quality Refits and Brokerage. Dutch craftsmanship since 1975. 

Hutting Yachts is know for its own design,  luxury sailing yachts. These yachts are custom-built and known for their seaworthiness. With designs made by Koopmans Design (H40, H45, H50, H54 Polaris) and our newest design: Hutting 52 made by the prestigious Hoek Design Naval Architects. 


High quality yachts with endless possibilities to personalize, the highest standards of safety and comfort, while focussing on perfomance and long-distant cruising. 

The team of Hutting Yachts exist of experienced shipwrights, carpenters, painters and mechanics. For this reason, we can do everything according to your wishes and sailing style.

  1. Custom-built yachts Therefore we use our expertise and custom-built ability for building one-offs. Sailing yachts, as well as limo tenders or small commercial yachts; we support yacht designers with our technical expertise and high-quality craftsmanship.
  2. High end Refit and Yachtpainting  Refits of any size. If you want to prepare your yacht for a planned sailing trip, or if you desire a successful sale, Hutting Yachts is also the right place for you. We have all required facilities in one location. Regardless of whether it is a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, and no matter its origin, we guarantee the renowned ‘Hutting quality’. 
  3. Brokerage Quality Yachts we love to sell Hutting yachts as well as other high quality used sailing yachts. Those who are looking for a high quality sailing yacht know how to find us, and we know how to find them. Because we are a yard, we can offer more as broker: technical assesment, maintenance or a refit to make the yacht sale ready, a berth in the harbor/ winterstorage, we perform the viewings and trial sales and commission is only deducted up on sale. There are no fees or costs without a sale.
  4. Harbor & Winterstorage Please be welcome at our harbor, where you can enjoy the peaceful area of Makkum.  We offer you all facilities you need as well as technical support on demand.During the winter period, we offer a heated winterstorage. This will include the whole package: we put your yacht on a ship-cradle, perform all services, check-ups and tests, and make sure your yacht will go back into the water completely ready for a new season. 
NOTE: Saturday the 17th of October 2020 we celebrate our 45th anniversary during our annual Open Day. Enjoy several informative lectures, visit je yachts and the yard and meet other long-distance sailors ; a day for sailors, by sailors. 

Contact us for more information, just give us a call or drop-by at our yard in Makkum, North of the Netherlands. 

Hope to see you in Makkum!

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Area of business Boats and Yachts

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