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457, chemin de la Bergerie, 83230 Bormes Les Mimosas

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boot 2020 hall map (Hall 10): stand G69

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boot 2020 fairground map: Hall 10


Maxime Rabu

+33 6 67 80 60 90


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  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.10  Deck Equipment / Rig
  • 03.10.13  Winches / Lifting Jacks / Accessories

Winches / Lifting Jacks / Accessories

Our products

Product category: Winches / Lifting Jacks / Accessories


Ewincher is a power-assisted handle that makes winching much easier. It's designed to perfectly assist sailing maneuvers without altering your natural movements. Increase your power and speed with very limited effort while maintaining an ideal position.

Ewincher electric winch handle with its battery, charger, inverter, winch handle pocket and its bag.

Ewincher, an electric winch handle designed for you and your enjoyment :

One of the main difficulties for the skipper and crew is the sheer strength that sailing maneuvers require: hoisting the mainsail, adjusting the genoa, trimming the sails, stowing the genoa. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that crew members are rarely well-positioned relative to the winch/handle set.

The electric winch handle Ewincher is designed to perfectly assist sailing maneuvers without altering your natural movements. You’ll gain power and speed while remaining in an ideal position, without exerting any effort.

It’s waterproof, lightweight, locks into the winch and has an ergonomic design: all the controls are at your fingertips. With its standard size, it adapts to all deck layouts. Ewincher can truly be used right out of the box.

Thanks to its battery and high-performance motor, you can head out all day without a problem allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

  • It’s very easy to handle and insert into the winch socket, thanks to its ideal ergonomic design and very light weight (2.2 kg)
  • The electric assistance is easy to use, with all the controls located on the hand grip, allowing you to keep winching as you normally would, but with the addition of considerable torque (80 Nm) while ensuring precision (15 to 80 rpm). You maintain the feeling of winching while considerably reducing the physical effort involved.
  • You can use the assisted or non-assisted mode, or both at once, to ensure maximum precision all while maintaining the feeling of winching. You can use the ewincher as a manual handle at any time.
  • It’s always in the ideal position to limit your effort.
  • The removable, rechargeable battery lasts a very long time
  • Waterproof
Ewincher is also a unique connected object
Ewincher is a new generation electric winch handle that allows you to adapt the handle’s power to your needs and monitor you efforts in real time on your sailboat.

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Product category: Winches / Lifting Jacks / Accessories

Battery pack

The ewincher battery is made with high quality materials and was tested to ensure optimal operation and maximum battery life. Easy to withdraw, you can charge it when it's flat or eventually switch with your spare battery. Your sailboat is abroad? Go sailing with your electric winch handle Ewincher, our batteries can be taken on an airplane (checked-in and carry-on luggages).

Our electric winch handle batteries have a great autonomy, enough to sail a day without a problem.

Example of use on a 40 feet sailboat with a 15 knots wind:

  • Hoist 3 times the main sail
  • Tack about 25 to 30 times
  • Charging time: 1h30in 12V and 220V
For sailboats bigger than 40 feet, we recommend having a spare battery.

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About us

Company portrait

CHRYSADEV was born out of a creative passion, a passion for the sea, a passion for entrepreneurship, a passion for innovation, and a passion for technical challenges. Founded in 2015, Chrysadev specializes in developing marine equipment for recreational boats.

Bruno Rabu, the founder, served as Groupe Merial’s Director of Investments for a number of years, before facing health problems that forced him to make changes in his professional life, leisure activities, and passions. CHRYSADEV’s products grew out of his efforts to adapt his sailing practice to his new needs, while maintaining the fun and athletic aspects of the activity.
In 2016, after close to 3 years of research and development, Chrysadev unveiled its “technological gem,” for which 3 patent applications have been filed: the first power-assisted and connected winch handle.