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R.S. di Scerbo Roberto Rofos

Via Caorsi, 49/2, 16031 Sori (GE)
Telephone +39 0185 702108
Fax +39 0185 702108

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.04  Diving Suits / Jackets
  • 08  Diving
  • 08.01  Diving Gear
  • 08.01.06  Diving Accessories

Diving Accessories

Our products

Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets

RS line of trilaminate drysuits

All RS drysuits have been designed for demanding technical divers, wreck diving and cave diving. 

The main feature that differentiates RS drysuits is the material. 
RS 360: super lightweight, resistant and durable trilaminate
RS 450K: warm, resistant and extremely durable trilaminate
RS X: lightweight, elastic, warm, resistant and durable trilaminate

The internal thermotaping ensures a good seal and at the same time is soft and flexible.
The Italian design guarantees a fine aesthetic but also an excellent trim and buoyancy as well as great freedom of movement. 
Our models are one of the reasons that made Rofos so popular. 

The diver can customize the drysuit as he likes, upon request.
There are 122 sizes combinations available for men and 49 for women. 
There is a CAVE opstion with special reinforcements in Kevlar or Cordura. 
There are more options for neck, wrists, dry gloves, boots and P-valve. 
He can customize the design and color of the overlay and the threads.

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Product category: Diving Suits / Jackets, Diving Accessories

Artic undersuit

Artic is a fleece underskin line.
Warm, soft, 4-way stretch and compact, allow maximum freedom of movement. 
The line include two one-piece undersuits, a vest and socks. 
The heavier undersuit is made in Polartec® Power Stretch, 539 gr/m2 and is perfect for dives in cold waters with trilaminate drysuits.
The ligher version is made in Polartec® Power Stretch, 261 gr/m2 and is suitable for warm water dives with trilaminates and for dives with neoprene drysuits in all conditions.

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About us

Company portrait

From our founding to today

Rofos is a dive suit manufacturing company founded nearly 30 years ago in 1985, by Roberto Scerbo.

Since his childhood, Roberto has always nurtured his great passion for the sea and underwater sports.

In the early years, he made gloves and wetsuits that were the envy of both his friends and his rivals.
During that time he founded the first “Rofos Sub”.

Roberto personally drew the precious models that are still a source of pride for Rofos.
These models, which are continuously improved, fit so well not only because skilled hands have designed them, but also because they have been field-tested by a diver and his expert friends. 

The research before presenting a new product is huge. 
The choice of material, from trilaminate to the thread to the metal parts, involved hours and hours and hours of research and tests. 
Over time Roberto was able to test different materials and choose the best and most suitable for each product. 

After 30 years the company has grown and changed. 

From the production of wetsuits and accessories, to neoprene drysuits, today our pride is the RS line of trilaminate drysuits. 

Company philosophy

Although 30 years have passed, and many aspects of how production is organized have changed, the company philosophy and quality of its products have remained the same since the beginning.

First in line:
  • the quality of the materials we use: both the easily visible (neoprene, trilaminate, Cordura, valves) and the less conspicuous (threads, glue, zips, Velcro, elastic borders, tapes…) have always been chosen based on quality, ensuring an incredibly durable end product with a truly impressive price-quality ratio;
  • the attention to detail during production, in order to always guarantee the comfort, the accuracy of the details, and the safety of products;
  • the focus in the offered services to always ensure speed, professionalism and fairness.
Roberto indeed has never stopped taking care of the practical part of the production and tries to convey in each suit the passion that has not yet abandoned him.